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COMICS RETROSPECTIVE: Loki goes BERSERK, S.H.I.E.L.D gets nosy in Mighty Thor 2: Lords of Midgard

The Might Thor volume 2 Cover 1. Published by Marvel Comics.

Written by Jason Aaron, Art by Russel Dauterman (Issue 6/7 Art by Rafa Garres).

There's a thing called "middle child syndrome." It's the feeling that middle children are excluded, ignored, or even outright neglected because of their birth order.

They're not the newborn, they're not the eldest, they're just... there.

Keep that in mind, as you begin your reread of Mighty Thor volume 2, and be a little kind to this poor, neglected volume.


The story begins with a two issue flashback arc, with some very questionable artwork. Thor battles alongside his viking comrade Bodolf the Black, and together they earn much acclaim, but Bodolf begins to grow jealous as people give more and more credit to Thor. So when Thor swaps sides, Bodolf decides to reach out to another God.

A god named Loki.

Viking Thor. A real class act...

Back in the present day, things aren't exactly peachy for FosThor, either. A fell consortium of some of the most powerful and evil CEOs in Marvel are having their latest meeting, and it seems they have a bone to pick with one of their members.

No-Prizes for guessing WHO has earned the ire of some of the most evil people in the 616 universe:

Someone skipped their lessons in subtle threats.

Yup. Agger's at it again! Not content with pissing off Asgard, and most of Earth's law enforcement with his ongoing shenanigans, he's now decided to annoy the underworld, as well.

As you can imagine, this doesn't end well for the Minotaur. Which puts Thor in the unenviable position of needing to save a man she has so recently and repeatedly tried to kill.

And all the while, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Dumb and Dumber are breathing down her neck, thinking they've finally cracked the secret of Mighty Thor's identity.

They're in for a surprise. As are we!

Why this book is so good:

Okay, here's the thing; Volume 1 is a very strong introduction to Mighty Thor. It has its issues, sure, but overall it's solid. Volume 3 sets into motion events which will be vital right up until the final issues of The Mighty Thor...

And that leave volume 2, aka "Jason Aaron tries to write a Bond story, but with Thor." I mean, yeah, it's kinda cool to see Thor fighting super CEOs and trying to stop the destruction of New York, but it all just seems so... unimportant. We get brief flashes of the War of the Realms bubbling over in the background, and for all the issues with the art, the 2-part story that opens this volume does introduce the BERSERKER Squad, who we'll be seeing a lot of, in the coming issues.

But overall, it just feels like Marvel told Aaron that he needed to delay the plot by a few months, so he wedged this vaguely pointless tale in, before we get to the great stuff that kicks off in the next Volume.

Now, I'm not saying this was a BAD Volume. There are a couple of interesting moments, a couple of funny scenes and Dario Agger, who while admittedly an absolute toolbag, is a very fun character to follow.

Overall, Volume 2 is very much the "Middle Child" of Aaron's The Mighty Thor saga. It's not a bad book, at all, there's just nothing that really stands out about it. It's a decent story, with good art, solid action and a couple of good jokes. But when compared to the epic things that proceed it, and some of the heartbreaks that are to come, you can't help but feel that this volume is pretty much filler.

But join me next week, when things get BIBLICAL! Two of the greatest cosmic empires in Marvel clash for the first time, in The Mighty Thor Volume 3: The Asgard/Shi'ar War!

If you want to read along with me, you can find every issue of Aaron's Thor Saga on Comixology, Amazon, or better yet, at your local comic store!

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