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COMICS RETROSPECTIVE: Our Aaron lookback continues with Thor, The God Of Thunder: The Godbomb!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Thor: God of Thunder Volume 2. The Godbomb.

Welcome back, fellow travelers. I hope you enjoyed my last Retrospective, where I discussed God of Thunder: Volume 1. This time around, naturally I'm moving on to Volume 2. The Godbomb. In which Jason Aaron manages to succeed where so many before him have failed, and give us an origin story for his villain that doesn't suck. He then takes us to the ends of time, where Gorr will finally face the wrath of the God of Thunder!


At the end of time, on a bleak and barren world ruled over by the maniacal Gorr, the last remaining Gods are living in servitude. Starved, beaten, and tortured, they're allowed to exist only to complete Gorr's masterwork. The Godbomb! But what is this fell edifice, and can anyone stop it, before it completes its task?

But before that! Let us travel back, many thousands of years, to a planet with no name, where the sun beats down relentlessly on a poor child, named Gorr.

Why this book is so good:

Oh boy, if you though God Butcher was an epic tale, wait until you read Godbomb!

Our tale begins with the tragic origin story of Gorr, who we last saw murdering a whole bunch of people, and planning to kill a load more. So, needless to say, it's a tough challenge to try and make him a relatable or even an understandable character. But damnit all, if Aaron doesn't manage it.

Like many, I'm not really a fan of these kind of villain flashbacks. I don't care what Darth Vader was like as a precocious young tween. I couldn't care less about his angsty teenage years. I just want to see him walking around like a badass, choking people with the Force.

So, no one was more surprised than I was, when by the end of issue 6, I was actually starting to feel for Gorr, a little. Born onto a world with nothing, and brought up to believe that the little they had, should be offered up to the gods, to pay for relief that was never seen? No thanks.

And when you see his encounter with Sand Tigers at a formative age, and notice the similarity in form to that of his Black Berserkers, his dogs of war, do we not start to see the scared child who never quite recovered, beneath the bluster of the tyrant?

But then the book ends, with a familiar face meeting a gruesome end, and your opinions shift once more. This is the power of Aaron's writing. He shows you a beast like Gorr. He then shows you how his hatred springs from a valid source, and almost makes you agree with his crusade. Then he shows how time has corrupted that validity, and turned it to wanton slaughter, and once again you realise that Gorr must die.

And that's just in the first issue!

We then pick up where we left off before, with "Avengers Thor" meeting "King Thor" in the ruins of Asgard. They ride together, to take the fight to Gorr on his homeworld.

Along the way, they meet some familiar faces, and some new ones. They might even meet some family we didn't know they had...

But, when all is said and done, the Godbomb is about one simple event. The climactic final battle, between Gorr and the Thors!

And this is a battle for the ages! Both Aaron's writing and Ribic's art reach bold new heights, as this battle rages on through damn near three issues.

I would love to go into detail, catalogue every hit, bolt, quip and God Blast. I have abut 50% of the fight currently saved as single frames, to put in this article. But, I will restrain myself. Because as much as I want to share it all, it will be infinitely more fun for you all to just read the book and experience the glory for yourself!

But, eventually, the threat of Gorr is removed, and everything returns to some semblance of normality... and a young girl on Indigarr finally gets her Gods!

And thus ends the Saga of Gorr the God Butcher.

For now...

Join me next week, for God of Thunder Volume 3: The Accursed. Thor is in deep trouble as Malaketh the Accursed returns, and Thor's only hope is to bring in some new friends.

If you want to read along with me, you can find every issue of Aaron's Thor Saga on Comixology, Amazon, or better yet, your local comic store!

Who do I need to kill to read "Thor: Cosmic God Cop"?

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