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COMICS RETROSPECTIVE: The Aaron Thor Saga - Index.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

So, this Jason Aaron Thor Retrospective project turned out to be something of a beast. Who'd have guessed?

To make it easier for people (and by people, I of course mean myself) to find specific chapters of the Retrospective, I've created this page to act as an index of sorts. Hope it helps.

Just click the comic covers, to be taken to the Retrospective you need!

Thor God of Thunder Volume 1: The God Butcher.

Where it all began. It seemed like any normal day. Thor was drinking with vikings, and hitting things with a hammer.

How could he have known, that the day would end with him finding the head of a terrified god, floating in a river?

And that this one simple event would have repercussions that echoed through to the very ends of time.

Thor God of Thunder Volume 2: The God Bomb.

The fight against Gorr continues!

In which we find out a little about the past of the maniacal Gorr, and maybe... just maybe begin to understand him a little.

And then, to prove us wrong, he builds a huge bomb that will kill every god ever. Like you do.

But, with the help of some time displaced versions of himself, Thor will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening!

Thor God of Thunder Volume 3: The Accursed.

Gorr is defeated, and everything is calm.

For about 30 seconds.

But then Malekith the Accursed, a dark elf with a serious grudge, breaks free of his prison in Hel and has only one thing on his mind.


And so, he begins to plot the greatest war that creation has ever seen.

The War of the Realms!

Thor God of Thunder Volume 4: Last Days of Midgard.

In his life, Thor has faced some truly evil foes. The Goddess of Death. A crazed alien, intent on murdering all the gods. His own (adopted) brother, the God of Lies.

But nothing has prepared him for this, his most evil opponent yet,

A Fortune 500 CEO.

And then, at the ends of time, he tries to relax a little, by fighting someone a bit easier to handle.

Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

Thor (2014) #1-4.

In which I struggle to explain why everyone now hates Nick Fury, and Thor is a lady.

Some other stuff happens, but honestly, it's not that great. The next few books around are kind of rough, but bear with it, they get SO GOOD.

Some other stuff happens, but honestly, it's not that great. The next few books around are kind of rough, but bear with it, they get SO GOOD.

Thor (2014) #5-8.

The slighty dodgy Thor run continues!

Everyone relaxes a little and stop being so horrible to the new Thor. Except for Odin, who is pretty much horrible to everyone.

Meanwhile, Odinson is now calling himself Odinson, and is trying to find out who took his old job. We pretend like we don't already know, because it's fun to pretend.

Then, because we can't have nice things, Aaron finishes the book with a brutal reveal, which not only hurts, but also sets us up for even more pain later down the line.

The Mighty Thor Volume 1: Thunder In Her Veins.

This is where FosThor's arc starts to build up, and become the epic tale it was always meant to be. Thor fights Odin, and Loki does Loki things, it would be an ordinary day in Asgard, except for one small problem:

Malekith's plans come to fruition, and the War of the Realms begins. Bad things are coming.

The Mighty Thor Volume 2: Lords of Midgard.

Questionable art, and a vaguely pointless plot make this volume a tough one to talk about. There are things that happen, but for the life of me, I can't remember them.

If you like James Bond stories, but want them to contain more Thors and less James Bond, then this is the book for you! All four of you, that want that.

There's also a flashback story that could have been fun, if the art wasn't appallingly, hilariously bad.

The Mighty Thor Volume 3: The Asgard/Shi'ar War!

We made it! The first two slightly weak volumes are done, and now it's all rise, until the tragic fall.

FosThor has to deal with two incredibly annoying gods, who are a little bit jealous that everyone loves Thor and most people don't even know who they are.

I wish I could disagree, but I'm writing this about Thor, and I've totally forgotten their names.

So maybe they have reason to be jealous, I guess?

The Unworthy Thor.

Have you ever wondered what Odinson was up to, while FosThor was doing his job?

Well, now you can find out!

Spoiler warning: It includes the best bro in comics who is also a horse.

An Elder of the Universe with serious kleptomania.

And a Dog that LOVES MURDER but is somehow still utterly adorable.

Also, small aside, you DO find out the answer to a mystery that had Thor fans guessing for nearly 5 years. So that's nice.

Mighty Thor Volume 4: The War Thor.

Malekith's war rages, realms are falling, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

But new times, and an old hammer, call for a new kind of Thor.

One with an awesome beard and an unending rage.

Also in this volume:

Marvel Generations was a mini series, based around the concept of older heroes fighting alongside the people now carrying their mantle.

In this issue, FosThor travels back in time, to fight Apocalypse, alongside Viking Thor.

The Mighty Thor Volume 5: The Death of the Mighty Thor.

Get your tissues ready, folks. This one is going to be emotional.

Jane is winning every fight, but losing the battle. Every time she lifts Mjolnir, to save us all, it's killing her.

And finally, she's pushed herself too far. But when The Mangog, the final judgements of the Gods, arrives to lay waste to Asgard, Jane has no choice but to lift Mjolnir. One final time...

Thor (2018) Volume 1: The God of Thunder Reborn.

The Odinson is once more The God of Thunder.

He still isn't worthy, but he's cool with that now. Kinda. Mostly.

But there's no time to be sad. Asgard has been destroyed, and Odin's big box of War Crimes has been spread across the Ten Realms. If bad people got their hands on some of the stuff that was let loose, it would be GAME OVER. So, Thor must search out the more powerful weapons and bring them home.

And then, there's Loki...

Thor (2018) Volume 2: Road to "War of the Realms".

This volume is called "Road to 'War of the Realms' ". It really should be called "A random collection of one shot stories". It's not a bad volume, far from it; the fourth tale in the collection, of Odin and Thor's rocky relationship is one of my favourite standalone issues in the whole run.

But for every hit, there's a miss. And while overall the collection is a fun read, they all feel somewhat disconnected.

But then, because this is Aaron, the final story ends with a huge tease for what will grow into a major plot point (see what I did there!)

War of the Realms: Part One.

Malekith's war has reached Midgard.

After nearly a decade of build up, it's all come down to this. The opening stages of the War of the Realms. And just to show us that he's not messing around, this collection starts with Malekith and his forces invading Manhattan, and quickly things get VERY bad. We just might be in trouble here, people.

War of the Realms: Part Two.

Wow, that went so badly, so quickly.

Malekith's forces are tearing through Midgard's defenses, things are looking really bad, and Thor is still missing.

So, a crack team of random heroes is sent to try and retrieve him from Jotunheim.

And, if '80s movies have taught us anything, it's that when all else fails, a wacky team of mismatched oddballs WILL save the day.

So, now. It's time to strike back!

Let Midgard's counterattack begin.

War of the Realms: Finalé!

Thor is back. Odin and Freyja have been captured. Malekith's forces are losing ground.

It will all be decided, at Stonehenge!

The whole war comes down to this.

Malekith Vs Thor, and Other Thor, and a Third Thor, and FosThor. BOW, BEFORE THE STORM OF THORS!

King Thor.

And then, there was one.

The final tale in Aaron's epic Thor Saga is here. King Thor, confronted by Necro-Loki, is in for the fight of his very long life.

Does he have it in him to bring down his greatest foe, once and for all?

There's only one way to find out!

Read on, True Believer, and see how this most epic of tales comes to its glorious ending.

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