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COMICS RETROSPECTIVE: Thor Kicks Some God-Butt in Mighty Thor Volume 3: The Asgard/Shi'ar War!

Mighty Thor Volume 3 Cover 1. Published by Marvel Comics.

Written by Jason Aaron, Art by Russel Dauterman (Issue 13/14 Art by Steve Epting).

We did it, people! We're over the hump! We pushed through the slightly weaker first few arcs and from here on in it's solid gold, until the end. So, I hope you're ready for war in the heavens, new and old Thors alike, fire, mayhem, blood, tears, and chaos unlike anything the universe has seen, because from this point forward, things are going to get WILD.


We start off with a short filler tale, from the War of the Realms. Thor has reformed the League of Realms, with a few fun new additions. And their first mission is relatively simple: Break into the heavily guarded palace of *insert impossible to pronounce Elven Name*, and rescue Queen Aelsa out from under the half burned nose of Malaketh the Accursed.

The New League!

With such a simple task, and such a powerful team, naturally the League of Realms rescue Aelsa with no problems...

Just kidding, the plan almost immediately goes wrong and they end up having to fight a whole freakin' army, because of COURSE they do. And while their mission is mostly successful, they will pay a heavy price for it.

Then, with her first mission such a roaring success, Thor is free to relax in Asgard and rest up. For all of five seconds, then everything turns to chaos again.

All because of this prick.

For reasons unknown, Majestor Fancy-Hair has decided to invade Asgard. Usually this wouldn't be a huge problem, but with Asgard currently in something resembling total chaos, Odin and Freyja out of commission, and that beardy moron Cul on the throne, the Shi'ar Imperium find it all to easy to turn up and start some chaos. Only then, is their mission revealed.

It seems that K'ythri and Sharra, the Shi'ar Gods, have got something of a score to settle. One day, while relaxing and doing whatever it is that useless bastards do on their days off, an unknown figure wandered into their throne room. While there, this unnamed figure stoked the fires of jealousy and resentment that simmer under the surface of so many leaders.

This figure told them, that all-powerful though they may be, no one outside of their paltry worlds knew or cared who they were. In the grand scheme of things, they were just not that important. But, do you know who IS important? Do you know who is worshipped on almost every world where there are sentient beings, capable of prayer? Thor: God of Badassery.

So the Shi'ar gods of silly headgear send their errand boy Kallark to retrieve the meddlesome God of Hammers, and issue a challenge. The Challenge of the Gods. And it's a challenge that Thor will be unable to refuse...

Seriously, what is up with that headgear?

Why This Book Is So Good:

It was a rough ride, but we made it! It got pretty bad for a bit there, but Aaron is back on track!

The Asgard/Shi'ar War is where Aaron really found his footing with FosThor. This story contains everything I really enjoy about Jane's time swinging the hammer. It has great action, some cool lore, and a couple of real tear jerker moments, all balanced out with some solid humour. And then, connecting all of this together, we have the ongoing threat of the War of the Realms, to really add some jeopardy to the situation.

Jane Foster, Goddess of sick burns.

Even as Thor is pitched in a brutal battle against two insane gods, under the surface there's a sense of unease: that all of this is just wasting time, and that Malaketh is free to rampage unchecked while we deal with these idiots.

But what a battle it is. While it may not go quite the way a lot of people were thinking, it plays out exactly the way it should. I think this arc really cemented who Jane IS, as Thor. Her power levels, motivation, and style have been a little inconsistent, up to this point. But in the Asgard/Shi'ar War, everything really feels like it's finally falling into place.

And, of course, what's a war without a climactic final battle? So, needless to say that when things look to be turning against them, the Shi'ar gods have one last trick up their sleeve, which will require everything Thor has to bring down.

And even then, a very familiar face just might need to help her out. Just a little...

But more on that, next week!

When we take a trip to the middle of Knowhere, in order to catch up with an old friend. A friend who finds himself feeling a little... Unworthy, of late.

Yes! Next week, we're catching up with the Odinson, and a dark secret is finally revealed. As we review Unworthy Thor!

If you want to read along with me, you can find every issue of Aaron's Thor Saga on Comixology, Amazon, or better yet, at your local comic store!

The Ultimate Judgement is coming.

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