COMICS REVIEW: "Captain America #10"

Cover A by Alex Ross

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, illustrated by Adam Kubert, and color art by Frank Martin, Captain America #10, "Captain of Nothing: Part Four" finds Steve Rogers (Captain America) still stuck in the Myrmidon, a maximum security prison for powered individuals run by a government-pardoned Wolfgang Von Strucker. Steve has been falsely imprisoned there since he turned himself in for the murder of "Thunderbolt" Ross. Sharon Carter, fearing for Steve's life, has reached out to the mysterious Daughters of Liberty and their leader, "The Dryad," who made her first appearance in last month's issue #9.

The Power Elite, who are spearheaded by Alexa Lukin and her recently resurrected husband Aleksander, have emerged to fill a vacuum left after Captain America took down Hydra, who had previously conquered the United States while being lead by Steve's evil doppelgänger, the Supreme Leader. The Power Elite hired "The Foreigner" to frame Steve for Ross's murder, and are working their plan to convince the world that the Supreme Leader and Steve Rogers are really the same person.

This isn't a very action-packed issue. It is narrated by Steve as he spends his time in the Myrmidon playing cards with the inmates and actually getting to know them. Throughout his narration, he contemplates the things that lead him to this point, as well as the character of some of the prisoners he has come to know. Seeing them more as people than "bad guys," realizing they have loved ones that care for them, and that they more than likely made some mistakes and chose to go down the wrong path.

You get to learn a little more about Aleksander and "The Foreigner," and it looks as though their partnership is straining a bit. The story is very interesting; it is very much like a murder mystery, as you try to put the pieces together and find out who the Power Elite really are, and what exactly is their end goal. Coates does a great job of giving you just a bit of information here, and a glimpse of intrigue there. He also does good work of putting you inside Cap's head as he deals with the struggles of time behind bars in a prison being run by one of his greatest enemies.

Will Captain America find his army and make it out of the Myrmidon? What will be the Power Elite's next move? Who or what is "the Dryad"? Be sure to check out Captain America #11 on June 19, 2019 for the answers to some of these questions.

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