COMICS REVIEW: "Fallen World #1"

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Adam Pollina

Cover by Jonboy Meyers

In the distant future, New Japan is a paradise, high in earth orbit, and ruled by an advanced A.I. called Father. Father’s son, Rai, a cybernetic warrior, rebels and starts a war that results in the city-world falling to earth in pieces.

Fallen World #1 cover art by Jonboy Meyers

This is the prologue to a new science fiction/superhero story reuniting Rai, Valiant Comic’s first original character, with Eternal Warrior and Bloodshot.

A new world has to be built on the planet’s surface, still scarred from the atomic wars, from the pieces of the fallen one. Humans live uneasily side-by-side with positronics, partially synthetic humans, and dinosaurs once again roam the earth. Discoveries are constantly being made in the fallen fragments of New Japan, including some that may threaten their way of life.

Dan Abnett has a long history of creating expansive, futuristic sci fi stories, including Warhammer, Legion Lost, Annihilation: Conquest, and The Thanos Imperative. His concepts in Fallen World are fascinating, and have a cinematic vision that would make a fantastic movie.

Adam Pollina’s art has an appropriately manga feel about it: quiet when it needs to be, and aggressive, powerful, and in your face when the action calls for it. If only he hadn’t drawn Rai in such a comically large straw coolie hat. Pollina also renders a beautifully futuristic skyline, along with technology including Rai’s personal transport, looking like a cross between a Battlestar Viper and a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Will the Fallen World be ruled by Rai and the people, or will Father somehow return? The saga begins on May 1, when Fallen World #1 releases from Valiant Comics.

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