COMICS REVIEW: FCBD "Midnight Sky #0"

Midnight Sky #0, Written by James Pruitt, Illustrated by Scott Van Domelen, Colors by Federico De Luca

FCBD was this past Saturday, and Scout Comics gave us a taste of three of their series within Midnight Sky #0. We get a glimpse at the all-new series Midnight Sky, a special prequel to Long Live Pro Wrestling, along with a fantastic original short for Gutt Ghost.

Midnight Sky is a new twist on a post-apocalyptic world, where the sun has burned out and you have to ask yourself, what would you do if you discover your son isn't really your son?

This story opens with an ominous dark shadow cast by the midnight hue on the skyline view. A mother takes her children into a the city for supplies, getting the supplies is the easy part, getting out of the city is where it gets difficult. This mother has a secret though, one child could be the answer to saving the world, while the other is an invader that she has nurtured for the last 15 years. In a world drowned in darkness no one can hide from the light.

James Pruitt does a great job of setting the despairing tone by using Elita as the narrative voice. Pruitt has found a way to make you question, what really makes you a family, and how far would you go to protect that family? James Pruitt and Scott Van Domelen have done an exceptional job with the world design. Federico De Luca colors gives this world the desolate feeling it deserves.

Overall this is a solid start/preview for Scout Comic's new series Midnight Sky. The storyline by James Pruitt will leave you with a bunch of questions, but it gives you just enough to make you want the next issue.

Long Live Pro Wrestling, Written by James Haick III, Illustrated by Branko Jovanovic

Long Live Pro Wresting is a prequel to their series that launched last August, and tells the story of former pro wrestler Evan Dandy, and his struggle to figure out his place in the crazy world of professional wrestling. This is a short story that shows Evan Dandy telling off the pro wrestling promoter and causing a big scene during a performance.

Gutt Ghost , Written and Illustrated by Enzo Garza

"Gutt Ghost #1" Coming June 2019

Enzo Garza has written and illustrated this new original short story for Gutt Ghost, that really had me laughing. Scout Comics and Enzo Garza will be releasing a new one-shot of Gutt Ghost this June. Be sure to stop by your LCS and pre-order it today.

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