COMICS REVIEW: "Hashtag: Danger #1"

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Cover Art for Hashtag: Danger #1

Hashtag: Danger #1 from Ahoy Comics, written by industry veteran Tom Peyer with art by Chris Giarruso, is a standout in the overwhelming new comic book market. The plot involves a team called "Hashtag: Danger" comprised of crew members Einstein Armstrong, Sugar Rae Huang, and Desiree Danger, whose primary purpose is to uncover mysterious truths in the world and bring them to the masses, or so they hope! This issue is packed with wit, engrossing characters, and inimitable art.

Story-wise, I can't wait to see where this gang of three goes next. Their journey begins in the Himalayas, looking for a yeti, and I can only imagine where it will lead. As far as first issues go, this one has everything needed to set up a story; there's really nothing missing. We know Einstein is the brains, Sugar Rae is the muscle (and heart), and Desiree is the egotistical Tony Stark of the group. The dynamic of the group is loving but hostile, like any family.

Page 1 of Hashtag: Danger #1

The pacing reminds me of an old Fantastic Four (1961) issue: each part of the story is set up with a Part, number and title. A nice throwback considering the art is heavily inspired by Jack Kirby (more on the art in just a second.) It's a flowing narrative that breaks in just the right places, and ends on just the right note.

Now, for that art...

The vibrancy of the colors mixed with a lighter hue is something I haven't really seen very much in mainstream or independent comics. Giarruso's style is a mashup of Jack Kirby and Brian Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim [2004]). When I said the art was inimitable, I don't think I've ever seen an artist mix European/Manga with the breadth and depth of the "King." I can't wait to get a physical copy of this book just to see how it compares to an old issue of New Gods (1971) or Fantastic Four.

My verdict: This first issue leaves me wanting more, and I have faith that this creative team will deliver exactly what I'm looking for and more. I can't wait to see issue #2. If this is what Ahoy Comics has to offer, sign me up for their roster of books.

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