COMICS REVIEW: "Justice League #25:" "The Sixth Dimension” concludes, the Year of the Villain begins

Main Story Plot by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez, Script by Snyder, Art and Cover by Jimenez, Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

"Justice League #25" cover art by Jorge Jimenez

The cover of Justice League #25 features a new logo and corner icon this month. The old logo wasn’t broken but they “fixed it” anyway. I can’t say I like the flatter, plainer design, with a lonely, single star that isn’t even incorporated into the logo as in other Justice League mastheads…it just floats outside of it. The logo is a bit bolder than the previous one, but the letterspacing is a uneven and wonky.

Billed as an “Extra-Sized Anniversary Issue” (25 issues is an anniversary event?), issue #25 also marks the conclusion of the epic “The Sixth Dimension” storyline. The story opens with a widescreen establishing shot of the League battling their future selves, with mid-fight debates about the ethics and morality and human cost of the utopic future they have created.

Meanwhile, the Forger prepares to destroy all of existence and reimagine it, with the help of Myxyzptlk, and future Batman, now dubbed the universe’s “Sun Knight.” Will he fulfill the destiny Forger predicts for him, or will he help the League?

The art by Jimenez continues to shine as he rises in the comics industry as a bright new star. Justice League is his break-through book, the one that brings out his best and pushes him to realize his potential.

As a lifelong Superman fan, seeing Snyder and Jimenez’s depiction of an enraged Superman repowering himself, and exceeding his own potential was breathtaking, as well as the reaffirmation of Superman as the beacon/symbol of Hope for the League.

J'onn has bad news...the world has been brainwashed by Luthor

The other story in this oversized issue sets up the “Year of the Villain” with Luthor proclaiming himself Savior of the World, throwing the Justice League under the bus, and encouraging everyone to reject the League, be a villain, trust only him, and selfishly look out for themselves. Luthor’s egotistical, amoral, devisive diatribe was a clear mirroring of a certain real-world politician. Working with Brainiac, Luthor is about to make the villains of the world an Offer they can’t refuse.

“There’s a great war of Justice and Doom coming…”


• a visual reference to Superman's story in The Dark Knight Returns

• Martian Manhunter doing his best impression of Godzilla stomping through Tokyo

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