COMICS REVIEW: "Life is Strange"(r)

What would you do with the power to turn back time?

"Life is Strange #1" Cover A

Following the insane success of the Life is Strange video game, Emma Vieceli and Claudia Leonardi bring us a sequel to the supernatural epic... in comic form!

The first arc of the comic follows Max Caufield and the repercussions of her choosing her best friend Chloe Price over the town of Arcadia Bay.

As the book states in its recap of prior events, this is how one of many possibilities could have played out.

The continuation of the story in comic form is almost poetic. While the game plays out with the ability to make decisions that will further the story along and have consequences that affect the future, the comic presents a very linear story.

Writer Vieceli presents a wonderful script that deepens your feelings towards the characters, and makes you wish you had Max's powers to change things for the better; it's not always rainbows and sunshine after a storm! Pay close attention to things as they progress-- the subtle changes that occur are important for the big finish!

Artist Leonardi renders our beloved characters and backdrops beautifully, and enhances our nostalgia for the way things used to be in the world of Arcadia Bay.

Another important contributor I'd like to highlight is Andrea Izzo! Her coloring brings definition to Vieceli's & Leonardi's characters-- her work helps makes the world of Life is Strange pop-- from Max's olive jacket and Chloe's trademark plaid shirt, to the flickers that they encounter-- Izzo's coloring helps to put the images throughout the book to the forefront of one's attention.

The Life Is Strange Vol. 1 TPB is available now!

Single issues can be found at your Local Comic Shop with a plethora of covers featuring:

  • Original art by Leonardi

  • T-shirt designs as seen in the game

  • Stills from the game itself!

And last but not least, check out the source material! Life is Strange is available on a variety of platforms (even mobile!), and Life is Strange 2 is (very) slowly being released in episodic form among those same platforms as well!

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