COMICS REVIEW: "Metalshark Bro #1"

Updated: May 12, 2019

Written by Bob Frantz & Kevin Cuffe, Art by Walter Ostlie, Edited/Lettered by Chas Pnagburn!, Cover by Walter Ostlie, Variant covers by Jake Smith & Bryan Silverbax

Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe have created a fun new "out-of-the-box" story with their new series Metalshark Bro from Scout Comics. This first issue pulls you in right from the start and never lets go.

"MetalShark Bro #1" cover by Walter Ostlie

The story opens off the coast of Bali with a shark munching on a Satanist that has fallen off a yacht. Upset with losing the damned soul, Beelzebra, who is the nephew of Satan, turns this shark into the anthropomorphic, bloodthirsty Metalshark Bro! Beelzebra commands Metalshark Bro to collect the other damned souls on his list, before he will agree to turn him back.

Metalshark Bro #1 is a daring and exciting adventure that will have you laughing throughout. Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe have created a dynamic story, full of captivating characters and situations, along with amusing puns and jokes. They have created a subplot that involves a corrupt Catholic Church and Ninja Nuns, with a group of priests talking about the "real" Bible, which mentions Dinosaurs and Black Jesus.

Anthropomorphic Metalshark Bro

The artwork by Walter Ostlie complements the humor and violence in this comic very well. The precision line work, with unique paneling is matched up with some electrifying and vibrant colors, that make Metalshark Bro jump right off the pages. There is great detail within the characters, and the splash pages are aesthetically pleasing.

Metalshark Bro #1 was a fun and exciting first issue. I enjoyed every minute, and the cliffhanger ending left me wanting more. If you want to read something care-free with a fun ride, I would recommend picking up a copy of this. If you can't find a copy of this issue, the entire Metalshark Bro Vol. 1 TP comes out July 31, 2019.

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