COMICS REVIEW: "Psi-Lords #1"

Written by Fred Van Lente

Art by Renato Guedes

Cover by Rod Reis

Psi-Lords #1 Cover art by Rod Reis

In a cathedral-like prison, four beings are released from Matrix-like stasis pods, with no memories of who they are. A mysterious inner voice tells each of them they are a god, and he will help them escape. In their attempt, each discovers they have superhuman abilities.

Just when they think they have found a person with all the answers to their questions, he is killed by the alien-looking guards. His dying words are “Find the Psi-Lords.”

Most of this first issue is introduction and tease, with little dialogue, but the concepts are fascinating, the four's superhuman abilities are amazing, and the interaction between the characters is humorous and entertaining banter. The book is not drawn in a conventional ink and color style, but instead illustrated in a textured, cross-hatchy style that is very attractive and colorful.

What are the four’s abilities? Where are they? Why don’t the guards look human? Who are the Psi-Lords?

Find out as Valiant Comics revives another of their early titles, Psi-Lords, the new sci fi superhero adventure.

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