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COMICS REVIEW: "Runaways #21, But You Can’t Hide, Part III”

Written by Rainbow Rowell, Art by Andres Genolet, Colors by Chris O’Halloran, Cover by Kris Anka

Who are the Runaways? “When they were younger, Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, Gerturde Yorkes, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, and Alex Wilder became friends through circumstance: hanging out once a year while their parents had what they claimed was a dinner party. After discovering their parents were actually the super villain team known as the Pride, the kids ran. The Runaways learned to use powers and resources inherited from their parents and retuned to defeat them. The experience made them a family, but that wasn’t enough to keep them safe.”

Molly rocks her Captain Marvel cosplay on "Runaways #21" cover art by Kris Anka

The inside front cover does a great job filling us in on who the Runaways are, but the “What’s Been Happening Lately” section doesn’t explain who the newer characters are in the story. I felt pretty lost starting in.

I had never read an issue of Runaways before, but have been a fan of the Runaways tv series on Hulu from the beginning. However, I was immediately confused on page 2 because I know Gert likes to color her hair purple, so I assumed incorrectly that the full-figured, purple-haired store employee talking to “man-bun” was Gert. Perhaps the colorist should have picked another color, or none at all. I also had no idea who “man-bun” was until page 18 since no one called him by name until then. Like Stan The Man used to say, “every issue is someone’s first issue”… Confusion aside, his name was Chase and her name was Van, and their conversation was very witty and entertaining. “Younger me” related to Chase’s inability to pick up on Van’s flirty social cues.

Except for Chase's run to the store, the Runaways are homebodies in this issue

I felt sorry for Karolina; it’s disheartening to see someone admit they have all the circumstances in their life to make them happier than they’ve ever been, but can’t seem to enjoy it for…reasons. Writer Rainbow makes some wise observations that some people have a hard time allowing themselves to be happy, or feel they are deserving of it.

The art by Genolet seems aimed at a younger audience, a spare linework, almost coloring book style, with very minimalistic background art, or none at all in many panels. The style fits the subject matter, and gives it a lighthearted feel.

This issue was pretty laidback, with no action scenes, but plenty of personal struggles with emotional security, and lack of bathroom space in the house where the Runaways and their new friends are currently staying. Here’s hoping next issue has some outside adventure.


• man-bun

• a retro poster shout-out to Power Pack, another Marvel team of superpowered youths

• a too-brief glimpse of the pet dino

• a bathroom shocker

The next issue of Runaways releases June 26, 2019 from Marvel Comics.

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