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COMICS REVIEW: "Spawn #296" and the Road to #300

So we're super close to hitting issue #300 of Spawn! It's a huge milestone for an independent comic, and I'm stoked for my original pull book to make it so far!

For those of you that are caught up on your Spawn history, issue #296 was a fun recap of the first 100 issues of Spawn.

Cover art for Spawn #296

We got a modern (after 26 years, we've entered a NuModern of sorts in the world of Spawn) telling of our hero's origin, and the trials and tribulations that he had to endure on his way to becoming the hero he is today.

From his upbringing, to his life story, to making a deal with a demon, and ultimately lopping said demon's head off with an angelic sword (no mention of Angela, for legal reasons), our 32-page story has it all... with one minor detail that doesn't quite jive with what the constant reader may have seen previously...

Halfway through the book we get a small set of busts featuring Spawn's enemies on both sides of the realm: Agents of Heaven and Agents of Hell.

One fun bit to notice is in the section featuring the Agents of Hell. On the right end we get a picture of something that looks like a wicked nun. Who the heck is that? The Freak in disguise?

Well, it turns out we have a First Cameo Appearance in Spawn #296.

In the Spawning Ground message board on the back, we have a list of events and characters, and which issues they correspond to in Spawn history.

Also included is a neat little tidbit mentioning this new character: Mother Mary. Another neat bit is that this character is going to be expanded upon in a future issue.

Be sure to pick up Spawn #296 at your Local Comic Shop (LCS) to join in on the fun! Two Variant Covers are also available for your collecting pleasure: a "virgin" cover B by Francesco Mattina, and a Black and White cover C, which has uncolored interior pages!

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