COMICS REVIEW: "Spawn #297"

Following up from last month's Spawn #296, we saw the continuation of Todd McFarlane's recap of Spawn history.

Spawn 297 Mattina Cover A

For longtime followers of McFarlane's Spawn-iverse, this issue offers some rather neat easter eggs while performing its task.

Jason Shawn Alexsander's gritty artwork still fits the bill in painting a good picture of past events, and McFarlane's script helps to bring back memories of friends and foes that have come and gone in the pages of Spawn.

One of the best things about these past two issues have been the notes in the pages immediately following the story-- they give a who's who in the Spawn world, which is helpful for new readers looking to get into some crazy cool looking characters, or for longtime collectors to go back and find specific arcs that may have stood out to them as they read through the run.

And those easter eggs I mentioned!

If you ever flipped to the back of some mid-late '90s Spawn, you'd be tickled to find out that a new line of Spawn Action Figures were to be released regularly! I still recall as a pre-teen seeing the ads for the Spawn Mutation series, and the Wings of Redemption Spawns... anyways, before I get too wrapped up in nostalgia, check out those back pages-- they even go out of their way to give the characters' first appearances in figure form!

Be sure to check out Spawn #297! In stores 5/29/17.

There's three covers to grab as well-- an A, B, and C!

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