COMICS REVIEW: "Thanos" #1

A brand new Thanos title has been released and the comics world is ever interested in learning more about the Mad Titan. Writer Tini Howard takes grabs the baton from Marvel golden boy, Donny Cates, after his epic run on the last Thanos story arc. With large shoes to fill, Howard will have to continue to show Thanos’s brutality and motivation to fulfill reader’s thirst for the mad, malevolent killer.

The story evolves right out of the storylines left on the table from Donny Cates, an ideal place to pick up. So, you will want to have already read Thanos Legacy 1, and the Guardians of the Galaxy series penned by Cates to follow this six-book series. Thanos #1 already has my interest, as it dives deeper into the past, showing us events leading up to the Mad Titan’s peculiar demise. While the first book in a series usually serves as excessive exposition, this book flows nicely into the set-up for the series at large. Although Thanos’s motivations are well-known throughout the comic book universe, as it has been the same for many decades, this tale takes a bit of a different approach as to what his possible endgame may be. With the appearance of a few new characters and one powerful figure from the comics of the past, the plot has me definitely captivated as to where this story will take me.

This book also throws in an extra twist of the tale to spin the narrative on its side and to pull you in further. Leaving one to wonder how all the connecting tissue of the multiple stories from the multiple series all fits together. Of course, I have yet to figure it out, as the book leaves a mystery or two on the table. But, I am definitely all-in on this series. As an avid reader of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, I will wait patiently for the reveal of Thanos’s endgame, whether it be by trap or design. Somehow, someway, the Mad Titan has had a plan all along, and I’m dying to discover what it will be.

Thanos #2 releases May 29, 2019.

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