COMICS REVIEW: "The Electric Black #1" is Shockingly Awesome

Joseph Schmalke and Rich Woodall's The Electric Black from Scout Comics is an absolute must for any fans of anthology-style horror books much like the recent hit Ice Cream Man!

The Electric Black #1 Cover A Woodall Schmalke

The best way I can describe this masterpiece is Stephen King's Needful Things meets Tales from the Crypt.

We have an overarching background/storyteller giving accounts of terrifying events gone by to an unsuspecting soul.

Each tale told within The Electric Black fits seamlessly with each other, a skill not found even within many of the "Big 2's" annual stories.

While I often find stories told by multiple creators to be disjointed and lacking flow, The Electric Black's creative team does the complete opposite to deliver an impactful and exhilarating first issue! With both of our co-creators delivering such awesome writing and art.

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