COMICS REVIEW: The end of the "Hunted" story arc in "Amazing Spider-Man #22"

"The Amazing Spider-Man #22" Ramos Cover A

The "Hunted" comes to a conclusion with Kraven coming back and capturing all of the animal-themed villains was a fun premise, however the plot of the arc seemed rushed.

This issue, we see the culmination of everything the past few issues have been building towards.

The disappointing part of this chapter however is that everything just sort of happened. By this I mean everything happens far too quickly, when it could have been elaborated upon over the course of a few more issues.

Kraven's sudden decision. Spidey's sudden freedom. Doc Conners sudden departure. Kraven Jr's inability to distinguish shapes.

Ramos's artwork is a redeeming salvo, and follows the script to a T, however...

There was a little too much Deus ex Machina for me in this issue to be happy with it overall.

This all seemed to come down to a rehashed Kraven's Last Hunt— ensemble and all.

The biggest problem of all however, is Spencer's inability to make anything of consequence happen over the course of 22 issues, maybe the eventual introduction of Centipede Dude will lead to some bigger events later on, but for now I'm just going to try and hold out hope that the Epilogue (issue #23) for Kraven's Last Last Hunt(ed) is a saving grace.

Issue #22 of The Amazing Spider-Man is at your local comic shops May 29, 2019.

Check it out for yourself and let me know how you feel about the conclusion to this arc.

The Amazing Spider-Man #22 also has a plethora of variant covers available:

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