COMICS REVIEW: "The Flash Year One" starts here...

"The Flash Vol. 5 #70" Howard Porter Cover

Writer: Joshua Williamson, Artwork: Howard Porter, Colorist: Hi-Fi

"He will be the fastest man alive..." this is no understatement when you are talking about Barry Allen. This week The Flash #70 is the beginning of his new "Year One" story arc. Which can be a good thing if you're not too familiar with the "Scarlet Speedster's" origin. This issue feels much more than just a simple retelling of The Flash's (Barry Allen) origin.

Young Barry Allen's future reflection (art by Howard Porter with colors by Hi-Fi)

In a dimly lit attic window, young Barry Allen is staring at the storm that is growing worse outside. Barry's mother is calling for him throughout the house, she finds him up in the attic going through her old superhero comics. Barry and his mother have a nice little exchange themselves, showing us that even when he was younger that he was always destined to be a hero. Even on the night that both parents would be taken from him.

We jump 15 years into the future where we see Barry as Central City's top crime scene investigator. Barry has worked every day to learn everything he can about forensic evidence, to hopefully one day prove the innocence of his father in the murder of his mother. Tonight will start Barry on the path to proving his father's innocence. As Barry stands in front of the window, this time a flash of light strikes Barry.

Barry Allen gets his powers (art by Howard Porter with colors by Hi-Fi)

Months later, Barry wakes up in a hospital all in a panic. Right away Barry starts to notice things about himself. His new powers have him all over the city one minute at his house, the next he is at Central City Police Department. Barry starts to realize that there is something a little different about him now. After getting back to his senses Barry starts to run tests on his new powers and see what he can do. Barry pushes his new powers too far, and ends up in the future where the headline on the newspaper reads "Flash loses Central City". Lucky for Barry he has a friend in the future.

Joshua Williamson has done such a great job with his run of The Flash , this issue is no different. Howard Porter returns to The Flash since "Flash Wars" story arc from last year. Howard Porter brings this story to life on the pages, while the bright colors of Hi-Fi make the story jump off the pages. Overall, this is a good start for "The Flash Year One", I would recommend picking up this issue. Plus, there is a first cameo appearance in it.

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