COMICS REVIEW: "The Immortal Hulk #17"

Written by Al Ewing, Pencilled by Joe Bennett, Inked by Ruy Jose, Colored by Paul Mounts, Cover by Alex Ross

Here we go again, fans. Another issue of The Immortal Hulk hits the stands and delivers as anticipated. When we last left Banner, he was in a bad situation, if not one of the worst he has ever been in during the course of the entire series. He’s being hunted while wounded, alone, and even the BIG guy can’t help him now. I have to say, the brilliant progression of Banner working with the very little that he has to assist him in the dire straits he finds himself in is quite impressive.

"The Immortal Hulk #17" cover art by Alex Ross

This issue is fairly fast paced and direct, as Banner has to formulate on his toes to better his worsening predicament. The ways the writer seems to explore every known aspect of his environment and the psyche of Dr. Bruce Banner is an amazing feat. This issue is another glorious example of why The Immortal Hulk has been outselling Batman and other big-time comics… it’s because the writing has been stellar throughout. So often Ewing has shown us that, yes, this version of the Hulk appears to be immortal, yet he explores the many facets of that immortality and uses much more the the Hulk’s brute strength and penchant for destruction to overcome the many obstacles placed in his protagonist’s path. It’s beautiful writing at its very core.

I don’t see this series slowing down for an instant. As future books foreshadow the arrival of fierce and new creations for the Hulk to contend with, the heat on this book just seems to grow and grow. If you haven’t started reading this series, you have done yourself a grave disservice… but, it’s never too late. There is no end in sight on this one, folks. This series has much more to it than pure immortality. I anticipate not only a lot of well-desired monster-on-monster battles as well in its near future, but also the continuation of an incredibly written series that has a depth to it not many other books carry.

Stay tuned for The Immortal Hulk #18 releasing on May 29, 2019.

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