COMICS REVIEW: "The Immortal Hulk #18"

"Nothing is Intolerable that is Necessary"—Jeremy Taylor

"The Immortal Hulk #18" Alex Ross Cover A

The theme of each issue typically revolves around the quotes Al Ewing provides us with, and The Immortal Hulk #18 is no different. At this point we can regularly expect quality content from the pages of The Immortal Hulk.

What is this quality? A constant sense of looming, inevitable horror.

The buildup of the last few issues of TIH is finally coming to a head(s?).

Ewing's masterful storytelling doesn't skip a beat, even after a brief timeskip. Not a single page is wasted in the variety of settings this installment takes place, as each of our 3 factions of character's reach their revelations.

"The Immortal Hulk #18" Battlelines Kim Hulkbuster Variant

Joe Bennett works in perfect sync with Ewing's script to instill in us the feelings of surprise and utter horror that he presents to our characters, to make us feel like we— the readers— are facing these... abominations ourselves.

The Immortal Hulk #18 is chock full of revelations and firsts!

Shops have been ordering plenty to keep up with the insane demand for this book, so you should have ample time to snatch yourself a copy, or ten (speculators!).

The Immortal Hulk #18 released 5/29/19 and has two covers Available!

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