Cover Of The Week holds a dark mirror up to DC's sci-fi hero Adam Strange: Strange Adventures #1

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Strange Adventures #1, DC Comics, Cover by Mitch Gerads.

Mitch Gerad's dark version of Adam Strange.

This week’s POP Cover Of The Week is a dark version of DC's brightly-colored, futuristically positive Silver Age hero, Adam Strange. DC is reviving their 1950s title Strange Adventures, which started as a mystery/horror anthology, before adapting its title to read Adam Strange Adventures, to feature their new sci-fi hero.

The art half of the creative team behind 2019’s critically-acclaimed Mister Miracle series, Mitch Gerad creates a cover for issue #1 that darkly mirrors Eric Shaner’s version that depicts the squeaky-clean, noble hero we all know Adam Strange to be, showing two sides of a character that Tom King and Gerad will obviously be “putting through the wringer,” as my Grandma used to say. Which is to be expected, since it is being published under the Black Label imprint, which features tales that happen outside of regular DC continuity, and are intended for Mature audiences. In other words, anything goes, and anything can happen.

Eric Shaner's positive vision of Adam Strange

Mitch Gerad’s dark version shows half of Adam’s face in an ominous, deep shadow, the cover's image streaked and spattered with blood. The trade dress (the comic title logo, the publisher logo, issue number, creative credits, etc.) are clean and simple, and do not intrude on the cover image. There are no screaming headlines or word balloons, only hand-drawn negative commentary, appearing as if it has been scribbled onto the cover itself. It's this last bit of fourth-wall-breaking that makes the cover so unusual and COTW-worthy.

This dark POP Cover Of The Week is an interesting foreshadowing for this new 12-issue series.

Strange Adventures #1 from DC Comics is available March 4, 2020.

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