Dark Horse's latest title, "Strayed" could be next big thing

"Strayed #1" Cover A

Strayed from Dark Horse Comics by Carlos Giffoni (Writer), Juan Doe (Art), Matt Krotzer (Letterer.)

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Carlos Giffoni by a mutual friend. Said friend mentioned Mr. Giffoni would be writing a new book for Dark Horse and thought it'd be a good review for POP. He wasn't wrong... at all. Like another book reviewed for this site (Captain Ginger), Strayed has to do with cats... well, A cat, but it's a little...

Lou is a cat who can talk. Not by his own means, but by that of a translator created by his "owner" Dr. Rodriguez. The two are aboard a ship and are tasked with finding habitable planets for the inhabitants and leaders of said ship. Whether the origin of these humans is Earth is presently unknown, but a few things are known: Dr. Rodriguez is not happy with how they are using Lou; whomever these people are, they're not very nice; and Dr. Rodriguez wants off for her and Lou. The pair's latest find yields some amazing results, and we're left wondering what's in store for our protagonists.

Giffoni's crafted a story that, on paper, could sound chuckle-worthy. I mean, anything to do with cats is cute, right? Granted, Lou is adorable, but this story is anything but. There is a lot to unpack, but I'll let you be the ones to do that. I will say that Giffoni has made a world where morality is not clearly defined, and whose characters (including Lou) are all extremely three-dimensional (even the stiff bodyguards). I've read space exploration stories, but none like this.

Juan Doe is pretty well known at this point, but every time I see his art I'm just amazed. Simple and yet so complex, the way he renders beings and worlds is just astounding. Just look at that cover! Blended hues of green, yellow, and red, extremely detailed but looks effortless. The entire book is this way and it's a pleasure to look at. Matt Krotzer's lettering is art on its own; each character's voice is given a unique look.

With so many new #1 issues coming out, it's hard to convince people to buy all of them. If you buy one new #1 in August, make it Strayed. It's that good.

Strayed from Dark Horse Comics comes to shops on August 14, 2019.

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