"DC's Legends" are reliable entertainment, even with murder visions and the "Ship Broken" in S5E11

It’s been a year since my last DC’s Legends of Tomorrow review. Why? Twelve months ago, very few people seemed to be interested in the show, something I have never really understood, since there is always plenty of adventure, romance, humor, DC Easter Eggs, and fun story twists to keep you interested and entertained each week. However, since then, people are finally catching on to this, and Legends is now the hottest superhero show on the CW.

A brief Legends Brief: The team uses a timeship named the Waverider to investigate time anomalies throughout history; this season’s missions center around mostly-prominent historical figures coming back to life and creating supernatural chaos. The team calls these anomalies “Encores” and hunts them down and sends them back to hell. Each week, the team hunts Encores of figures like Marie Antoinette, Rasputin, and Jack The Ripper, and gets to wear period costuming and try to blend in.

The Crew: The timeship team’s lineup changes every season, and now the only original members remaining are Heatwave/Mick Rory and ship Captain Sara Lance/White Canary. Joining them are former Time Bureau chief (and current GF of Sara) Ava Sharpe, Zari/Isis, Nate/Steel, Charlie/Clotho, and John Constantine, a dark sorcerer who was added to the team this season to add his unique talents to their new supernatural missions.

The main ongoing plot/MacGuffin: finding and assembling the pieces of the mystical Loom Of Fate, which gives a user the power to rework the threads of reality.

Clotho tries her hand at the Loom of Fate to bring back a dead crewmate

Another subplot is Mick’s discovery that he has a daughter he never knew about, and his efforts to try to get to know her, despite her wishes to keep the dad-who-was-never-there-for-her at arm’s length. Will this be the week he breaks down her wall?

Mick tries to impress his daughter with his stash of stolen historic artifacts

The addition of Ava this season has been interesting. Her previously buttoned-up Time Bureau boss is now a more relaxed First Officer to Sara, who can occasionally be goofy with great facial expressions and comedic timing.

Speaking of comedy, Constantine’s magic apprentice Gary can be a bit over the top at times as comic relief, like his bits with the stray dog he brings aboard the Waverider this week.

This week’s main plot revolves around Sara’s recent encounter with a god that has left her blind, but with precognitive abilities that are haunting her, showing her the imminent deaths of the crew. How will she stop this future from happening? As if that weren’t enough to worry about, the Waverider has been damaged and is useless, and the pieces of the Loom are missing. Are all these events connected?

Find out on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airing Tuesdays on The CW in the U.S. You can see each week’s episode the next day, and catch up on previous eps at www.cwtv.com

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