DC's Legends get imprisoned on different, very familiar tv shows for geeky highlight of the season

Updated: May 28, 2020

This season, episodes and titles have been inspired by tv or movies; last week it was a zombie-filled twist on I Am Legend…this week it’s a Friends title riff with “The One Where We’re Trapped On TV.”

This is the ep I have been waiting for all season, because the season preview just made it look like so much fun, showing Sarah and Ava in a version of Star Trek, titled Star Trip.

However, the ep opens in a not-so-fun way, in a Big Brother-type world that has been rewritten by the Fates. The Fates rule the world, having eliminated humanity’s free will, in exchange for making humanity free from want. Some, including Mona the romance novelist/she-werewolf, are used as workers to re-write/document all of history, to conform to the Fates new ideology of compliance and servitude. ACCEPT YOUR FATE and THE WORLD IS RIGHT scream posters plastered everywhere. Thought was even given to the names of the companies in this Brave New World; the logo on a meek guard reads Lalo Security (Lay Low).

Gary seems to know that the world isn't what it should be and plants the seed of doubt into re-writer Mona

The Fate Sisters even convinced their third Fate Sister Clotho/Charlie to go along, on one condition: the Legends must be out of the way. Clotho decides the only way to keep her former teammates alive is to submerge them in the Fates’ propaganda tv programming and use them as unknowing agents to keep the public in line.

So, the Legends are split up into various versions of very familiar tv shows, all titles altered to avoid copyright infringement of course. Every show is brilliantly recreated in set design, lighting, camera techniques, etc. to match the original. Clotho has placed each Legend in a show that fulfills their biggest wish in life, in hopes that they will remain satisfied and not question their new realities.

Talking about what all the tv shows are would be crossing the Spoiler Line, so I’ll keep to commenting on the one that was already revealed in the season preview, Star Trip. Sarah and Ava’s biggest wish was to be “Co-Captains for Life,” so they serve on the USS Faterider, in side-by-side Captain’s chairs. The female Captains wear pants, while all the men wear short shorts, a fun twist on the sexist fashion sense of Star Trek: The Original Series of the 1960s. Sarah’s captain character does a hilarious imitation of William Shatner’s halting Captain Kirk vocal delivery, and Ava is a very logical Vulcan with a white Andorian hairdo, or hair-don't in this case. It doesn't suit her.

They are attacked by “Gromulans,” who look just like Klingons, and later by a surprise guest-villain, played by Rory. It’s all very well done, and you can tell a lot of love and money went into crafting this and each tv segment’s production.

John Constantine as a Gromulan, square 1990s shoulder pads and all.

It’s such an adorably geeky episode; I loved it and can’t wait for you to see it and experience all the geek-outs for yourselves.

Will the Legends wake up to their true reality, escape their tv prison, and defeat the Fates? Find out on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airing Tuesdays on The CW in the U.S. You can see each week’s episode the next day, and catch up on previous eps at www.cwtv.com

Previous seasons are available on Netflix.

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