DC's Legends of Tomorrow don't need time travel to have fun in S5E12, just "Freaks and Greeks"

The funnest (not a word, I know, but roll with it) and funniest superhero show on tv continues its unapologetically whacky and enjoyable run this week with the latest mission to seek out mystical objects that will help Clotho use the Loom Of Fate to correct the timeline. This time, the crew of the Waverider seeks the cup of Dionysus, which by the way also has the power to make anyone who drinks from it immortal for a day. The writers of the show also continue their trend of episodes names this season being puns of existing movies or tv shows, this time adapting tv cult classic Freaks and Geeks into “Freaks and Greeks.”

Waverider A.I. Gideon pinpoints the location of the cup, and of all places, it is found at a Hudson University frat house. No one is happier with the news than Nate (Steel) who is an alum of Hudson and still loves to boast of his days living the wild life at that same frat.

Longtime DC Comics fans will recognize Hudson as the fictitious university created by the publisher in the early 1970s for Dick Grayson (Robin) to attend.

The crew arrive at Hudson during Rush Week, and Nate is shocked to see the leader of his old frat, Dion, is still in college, and doesn’t look a day older. Being a long-lived Witch of Fate, Clotho recognizes Dion as Dionysus, Greek god of partying. The college lifer reveals his cup can only be grasped and quaffed from by one who wins it in a competition he calls the Chug Challenge. The catch: only members of Hudson Greek society can participate.

Dion (Dionysus) and his Cup of Immortality

What follows is as humorous as it is disastrous: catty comments, sibling rivalry, stereotypical sorority Alpha-Bitch behaviors and cat-fighting abounds. Long story short, Plan A of joining a sorority ain’t gonna work. What about Nate, you ask? He’s blissfully under the spell of Dion and reliving his glory days.

I would not be surprised if this is how sororities recruit members these days. A hilarious, silent scene.

Plan B is much more fun anyway. The rest of the episode feels like watching a mash-up of Animal House (1978) and House Bunny (2008), with shenanigans, sabotage, foul play, and an epic game of beer pong.

Will undefeated Dion get beaten by a blind woman?

A touching subplot involves Rory’s ongoing efforts to get to know his daughter Lita. She’s interested in going to Hudson, so why not take a tour while they are there? Cutbacks to the tour during the episode show Rory’s increasing efforts to give Lita every chance of getting accepted. As a father, it’s heartening to watch their relationship grow closer as Rory begins to care for her more, and Lita lets her walls down.

If you haven’t watched Legends yet, don’t be intimidated by all the backstory and characters. It’s a very viewer-friendly show, and you’ll quickly be too distracted by all the fun.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays on The CW in the U.S.

You can see each week’s episode the next day, and catch up on previous eps at www.cwtv.com

Previous seasons are available on Netflix.

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