DC's Legends vs The Fates makes for a ludicrously fun and satisfying "Swan Thong" season finale

This week, Sisqo gets a nod (along with a surprise guest appearance) in this season's pop culture-themed episode title format for the finale. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is one of the few CW shows to suffer shortened seasons, yet still have a season finale that ties up all loose ends and hasn’t left viewers hanging.

At the end of the last episode, the Legends all woke up to the fact that they were trapped in The Fates’ tv propaganda programming, and basically walked off set, starting a revolt among the viewing public, threatening The Fates’ hold on the public. That public is trapped in a dystopian, thought-controlled society right out of Orwell’s 1984, where “The Fates Are Always Watching,” and ruthlessly eliminate any free-thinking resistance.

Now, the Legends need to a) find the Waverider, and b) destroy the Loom of Fate. Once again, Mona saves the day, pointing to where all the contraband is dumped. Sarah enters the Loom of Fate temple to have one more “I can see the future and therefore can’t be beaten” fight with one of the Fates, and destroys the Loom.

The Waverider is found and re-energized, thanks to Steel, The Perfect Conductor

The Creepy Fate meets her fate

But that doesn’t stop the remaining Fates from rebuilding the Loom and seemingly rewriting the world once more, this time putting the illusion of power into the hands of the public, literally on their wrists: “Fate Watch: Your Link To The Loom.” But it’s just another way to control them.

There’s some heavy socio-political commentary going on here: The Fates make the argument that every dictator in history has spewed to defend their tyranny; that humankind is happier when they have less choices and freedom, and have more peace when they are taken care of by a controlling government that tells them what to do. “All lambs and not a Stalin among them” says one Fate.

Meanwhile, since Ziri’s two halves have been split, Ziri’s brother has been increasingly suffering the repercussions, but has been hiding it. A harbinger of doom that is addressed later.

The finale showdown between the Legends and the remaining Fate is the most ludicrous, wild, and hilarious fight scene of the season, set to “The Thong Song,” sung by Sisqo himself, in a bizarre appearance. Look for an epic move by John Constantine.

Let the ludicrous fight begin, with ludicrous weapons from the Contraband Museum.

The episode ends with Rory bonding further with his new-found daughter by taking her back to the ‘80s to hear her favorite punk band, whose lead singer is none other than (SPOILER).

It wouldn’t be a Legends finale without a lineup change or two, and a cliffhanger, and this season is no exception. Find out for yourself by watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow On Demand or at www.cwtv.com in the US.

Previous seasons are available on Netflix.

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