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"DCeased" Horror Movie Variants

Today DC Comics release a new event series DCeased. Just like most other hot new series these days there are quite a few variant covers that come with its release. Although there are some really cool variant covers coming out for DCeased, I would like to highlight the amazing movie homage covers.

DC has teamed up with Yasmine Putri to design a series of horror movie homages. There have only been three covers revealed so far. Each of the movies that these cover homages pay respect to are from DC’s sister companies Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema.

Yasmine Putri homage variants compared to the actual horror film posters

Yesterday was the release of Yasmine's first homage cover, paying his respects to the great Stephen King’s It. The Joker and Robin are great for this cover; the colors from Robin’s cape and suit pop against the black background. Just like the kids from IT that all feared Pennywise, I am sure every Robin after Jason Todd has been terrified of the Joker.

On June, 5th DC will release DCeased #2. Yasmine Putri has matched the horror movie poster for Nightmare on Elm Street perfectly. Replacing Nancy Thompson with Poison Ivy, and Freddy Kruger with a tormented Batman.

DC plans to release issue #3 on July, 3rd. For this cover, Yasmine pays homage to a newer horror film The Nun, designing an amazing Superman with the darkness taking him over.

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