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Deadpool World's Greatest! Vol 5: Civil War II RETROSPECTIVE! A decidedly uncivil war.

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 5 Cover 1. Published by Marvel Comics.

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 5 Civil War II.

Collecting issue #14-19

Written by: Gerry Duggan.

Art by: Mike Hawthorne (#14-18) with Brian Level (#18) & Scott Koblish (#19)

Colours by: Jordie Bellaire (#14-18) with Rachelle Rosenberg (#18)

& Nick Filardi (#19)

Last time, we had the crossover from hell('s kitchen)! As Deadpool teamed up with Daredevil, totally unrelated lawyer Matt Murdock and Power Man & Iron Fist to try and achieve a fairly simple task. They more or less got it done, but caused UTTER CHAOS as they were doing it. Because when Deadpool is on the case, you know at some point, the case is going to get pooped in. Then, magic-hating alien robots decided to murder magic and almost succeeded, but they were stopped at the last minute by Michael the Necromancer. It was pretty freakin sad. This time around, it's another big line wide event! Oooh what could it be!

Oh. Oh Gods no. It's Civil War II. Buckle up, people.

Isn't that basically how Wolverine beat Mr X?

Issue 14: Civil War II! A super-evil, super-scary monster is attacking New York! Oh no, whatever will we do... Oh, wait, a new Inhuman with powerful precognative abilities saw this all happening way ahead of time and was able to warn everyone. So, the Avengers were able to clean everything up before it because a big thing. I'm sure everyone will be happy with this result... right?

Issue 15: Civil War II... 2. Civil War Squared? The Mercs for Money are MAD. Tired of being paid nothing and getting no credit for their work, they've decided to rip off their boss, destroy their contracts and go off on their own. Meanwhile, Wade decides to drop in on the new Inhuman, and see if he fancies being killed a little bit.

Issue 16: Somehow, still Civil War II. The Mad Mercs have found Deadpool's Secret Stash. Unluckily for them, Deadpool is there too. With bombs. In an enclosed space. Then, we find out exactly how Deadpool got to be so well loved and famous and whatnot. Spoiler warning: It wasn't because of anything he did.

Issue 17: Civil War II, Electric Boogaloo. Somehow, despite everything that has happened so far, Deadpool manages to find a way to make his life even worse. Yes, that IS actually possible.

Yup. Madcap is BACK! This is going to get wierd.

Issue 18: Civil War V, the Secret of Curly's Gold. At his lowest ebb, Deadpool decides to go and see some old friends. The only problem is, he HAS no old friends, because he's Deadpool and the public might love him, but everyone that actually knows him kinda thinks he's a tool.

Pretty sure if this was actually a line to slap Wade, it would be WAY longer.

Issue 19: Oh thank the lord, it's not Civil War II. Woo, it's Deadpool 2099 time! We rejoin the battle between Warda and Ellie to see who will be the one true Deadpool. Also, actual Deadpool gets some new threads, and goes to see a (VERY) old friend.

It's got to suck, being Warda. To have a smokin hot mother like Shiklah, and grow up looking like Wade.

Well, another big earth-shaking, nothing will ever be the same in the world ever Marvel event has come and gone! And this time, things really did change, and will never be the same again! By which I of course mean that everything that had changed previously is now undone, and we're back to how it's always been. Which, honestly, I actually prefer, so I can't be THAT mad. Man, Wade had a rough time though, didn't he? I'd like to say it gets better after this, but we all know it won't.

Somehow, the leopard print banana-hammock makes this all so much worse.

Wow, do you remember Civil War II? That event had people SO freakin mad. I don't mean the characters, either (although they were all pretty angry), I mean the READERS. Not sure I've seen backlash that extreme since One More Day. I mean, since then, the landscape of comics has changed quite dramatically, and people get utterly furious over the tiniest things, so maybe we've forgotten...

But seriously, people were LOSING THEIR MINDS about this event. Honestly, I didn't mind it. I thought it was a decent concept and the executed it reasonably well. Plus, I loved the way it tied into Secret Empire and the evil Cap story. Although, I will say, Captain Marvel's reputation took a hit in this event that she's never quite recovered from. I know people that still refuse to acknowledge her, no matter how much I tell them about how freakin amazing her current run is... (if you're reading this Kelly Thompson: I love you.)

But yeah, while pretty much everyone outside of the comics agrees that Carol was seriously in the wrong, and the event was something of a non-starter, INSIDE the Marvel universe, the heroes were split!

There can't be any witnesses to your crime, if you murder them all! That's some sociopath thinking, right there.

But, while the heroes are divided, the Mercs for Money have never been more united!

And honestly, I think we all saw this coming a mile away. While the idea for the Mercs was a good one, putting Deadpool in charge of anything important is a surefire way to make sure that important thing ends up going horribly wrong.

I mean, I'd love to say that I'm really cut up that his new business venture failed, but from pretty much the first panel of the first issue, this whole scheme has felt like a giant time bomb, just ticking down to its inevitable explosive and gory end.

This is just another knot in the thread that runs through this whole series, "Deadpool can't do anything right". Any time Deadpool tries to do something genuinely good, it will ALWAYS collapse in on him. It's never because of something he's done, it just... ends. Horribly. EVERY time.

ADSIT! I expected better of you...

I mean, okay... there is SOME fault on Deadpool's part. Hiring a bunch of mercs and telling them they'll make some easy money working for you, and then never actually PAYING them isn't the greatest idea anyone has ever had. But that's why Adsit was brought in... Which actually brings me to one of my main complaints here: Adsit was meant to be Wade's friend. If I'm not terribly mistaken, he was brought in to run the financials of this company and make sure that everything ran smoothly (he was also spying for S.H.I.E.L.D., but let's keep that under wraps).

So, really, why is everyone mad at Deadpool? Shouldn't they be annoyed at the guy that was meant to be running the business part of the business? Isn't it technically ADSIT'S fault that the cheques aren't going out?

I don't know, maybe I missed something, but it feels like Duggan just got bored of dealing with these characters and decided that they all hate Deadpool and want to quit, for reasons that he'd said previously were no longer in Deadpool's hands. It feels a touch unfair.

Does her robot body have a flamethrower attachement? Because she just BURNED them!

Which, now I think about it, is another running theme this volume. Because it's not just the Mercs that have abandoned Wade. After his business collapses, he goes home to find his wife in bed with the Wolfman, then goes to see his kid and gets knocked the fuck out by Preston... In fact, pretty much everyone who COULD leave Wade, did leave Wade at some point, during this volume.

Which doesn't exactly make for light reading. Especially as weaved into all of this depression is the ever disgusting spectre of Madcap! Yup, the even crazier version of Deadpool is back, and he's gone full Kuato, living in the chest of an as yet unnamed man. So, it's safe to say that the bad times are anything but over for Deadpool, because if Madcap is back and he's clearly planning something, you know it won't end well for the 'Pool...

Of course, it can't end THAT badly, because this volume also contains another issue of the exceedingly fun "Deadpool 2099" arc!

I think we all need that hug, after this volume...

It's not particularly complex, or layered, but sometimes you just want some cool shit to go down. And in Deadpool 2099, cool shit is always going down! It's fun seeing all the references they drop, for things going on in the current day arc, and it's very cool to see all the references they make to things that HAVEN'T happened yet, in the current day arc.

Lots of talk of Shiklah and how much it took to bring her down, when she finally lost it... which is all REALLY cool, except that it's now 2021 and we've yet to see any of that happen. And, seeing as we've had two new Deadpool writers come and go since then (I'll never forgive them for cancelling Thompson's run) I get the feeling we won't be seeing Shiklah go berserk and require the Avengers to put her down, any time soon.

Which is a shame, because that sounds like it would be freakin AWESOME. THAT is a giant crossover event I would actually get behind. World War Shiklah. Hell yeah.

Overall, Volume 5 was a volume of the Deadpool: World's Greatest ongoing series. Deadpool was there, he did things, they were all rather questionable. Everything ended badly for him, and they teased that there is worse to come. It's going to be awesome, but also really really sad.

if you want to see how awesome, and how sad, things get, come back next time for Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 6: Patience: Zero collecting issues #20, 22-25 and material from #21. Deadpool has it tough sometimes. It can be hard to keep going. But he does. Then: Madcap returns in the most horrific way possible for revenge!

I'm a little worried, that the description is so short...

If you want to read along, you can find this volume on Comixology, collected volumes on Amazon, or from your Local Comic Shop! Enjoy!

Pure, unadulterated winning.
As a registered Dudist Priest, I approve of this reference.

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