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Deadpool World's Greatest! Vol 6: Patience: Zero RETROSPECTIVE: They say laughter is infectious...

Deadpool Volume 6 Cover 1. Published by Marvel Comics.

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 6 Patience: Zero.

Collecting issues #20-25

Written by: Gerry Duggan.

Art by: Matteo Lolli with Paolo Villanelli(#20-24) & Scott Koblish (#25)

Colours by: Guru-eFX (20-24) & Nick Filardi (#25)

Last time, Civil War II kicked off! and while everyone was deciding if it was safe to keep precogs around (boy and I'm glad we're not still debating THAT! *Glances to the X-Men), Deadpool decided that life is better when everyone you know and love hates you. So, he went about systematically destroying all but the most secure and unbreakable bonds left in his life. This volume, he somehow manages to ruin even them. YAY Deadpool!

Wade: Why do people keep thinking I'm Spider-Man! Also Wade:

Issue 20: The Never-Ending Struggle. A young woman stands on the roof of Deadpool's almost-ruined building, moments from taking the final step... and the only person who has a chance of stopping her is Deadpool.

Even in your most isolated moments, someone is there for you.

Issue 21: Match Du Grudge. Deadpool is terrible at Secret Santa.Then, we get a little history lesson in the nameless nuisance now known as Madcap, just in time for him to rear his ugly head once more and begin his brutal plan to get revenge on Deadpool.