Deep Beyond #11 ADVANCE REVIEW: political stand-off in penultimate issue of this “beautiful” world

Writers: Miaka Andolfo and David Goy, Artist: Andrea Broccardo, Colourist: Barbara Nosenzo.

Paul and the alien are still being held hostage by Eve, who wants all the information they have that could save the world. That fact that Eve has these two in custody has caused a stir in the relations between the colonies. They are all now arguing over what to do with these rule breakers; to make things worse the other colony leaders don’t trust that Eve now has access to Alien technology and aren’t sure how she will use them. Meanwhile Jol has made a deal with Trent for his help to get Paul out alive. Can he be trusted and can they get to Paul in time before Eve no longer has use for him?

So we reach the penultimate issue of this slightly confusing limited series. It has not been a secret that I have had concerns with this series. The biggest one being the dramatic swap in tone and genre when we were introduced to portals to other worlds. I stated back in my review of the first book that this was a very interesting premise but there seemed to be too much going on at the time. Then throughout the series we got glimpses into things that would make interesting conflicts or give us more clarity about the world, but these were never explored.

We have another concern to add to the list within the pages here. The council of colonies are assembled to discuss the future of Paul and the alien. This causes tensions to rise, making me start to question how the world is run; are the different colonies treated as different countries? What was the peace agreement that they spoke about and how did that come to pass? How are conflicts dealt with between each of the colonies? These questions came to mind as I started to explore the deep lore of the world. Just bringing me back to the same conclusion. There’s so many good elements to this book that could be explored on an individual level, but none are given much time in the series, making it slightly shallow.

Something else that was confusing to me was a part where Eve is talking to Paul, who is being kept in a prison cell. Then the next panel Paul has her by the throat with her inside the cell and the door is open. This I couldn’t understand; how Paul was able to do that, unless Eve asked the guards to unlock the cell... which wouldn’t make sense either. It was a very confusing panel that I studied hard to try and find out what was happening, but even now I’m still unsure.

Andrea Broccardo and Barbara Nosenzo’s art is just stunning. I have said this on multiple times throughout this book's run, but the art is magnificent. I especially loved the landscapes and the underwater scenes. Again, I felt like I was being treated on the first page with four stunning panels, two of which are landscapes, one being the Time's Square-ish scene above. The art's beauty never ceases to amaze me. Gloriously colourful and finely detailed, it’s just poetry on the page.

Overall, despite being confusing, I’m still fully invested in he characters and the situation. I’m both looking forward to the conclusion and slightly worried. I’m excited for it, as this has been building for 11 issues, with so much happening within the world. I’m dubious for exactly the same reason, so much has happened and is still going to happen and I’m unsure if it can all fit into a single issue. Either way, we will find out in January.

Deep Beyond issue 11 will be released by Image Comics on 22nd December from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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