Deep Beyond #8 ADVANCE REVIEW: Can Team Hermes escape the alien world?

Writers: Miaka Andolfo and David Goy, Artist: Andrea Broccardo, Colourist: Barbara Nosenzo.

After Hermes's deception of the hosts, the team is called to be judged for the crimes of one of their own. They decide that now is the time to escape, as they could be imprisoned in this portal box for moments...or millenia. Meanwhile, Paul accidentally finds a portal to somewhere else in their prison box (instead of his hand coming out of the other side, it disappears). They are forced to flee, against the odds of armoured military guards; however, escaping may be the easy thing, but there’s still a lot for them to unpack and learn not just about the world, but each other.

For anyone following my reviews, this series has been equally frustrating and intriguing. Starting with a fantastic premise of the Earth that has been irrevocably changed due to pollution and other factors. With mobsters hiding around every corner, and a political establishment that want to hide things from the population. All centred around a rescue mission from an ex-husband to get his estranged wife, as her submarine fills up with toxic water that could either drown her, or alter her body and kill her. This instantly had me hooked as a truly unique story, that could have us wondering what happened to the world. We fast-forward eight issues and the series that was so different had changed courses so many times, that I unfortunately have become a little tired of it. Now it’s easy for me to say what I would have preferred to happen, or what I think would make a more enjoyable book, but I’m not a professional writer. Although I would like to point out that with so much backstory in the first issue, instead of writing it all out, that would have made a great series to open this world with. Make the reader care about the world, which in turn helps us care about the characters.

The biggest let-down for me so far has been the pacing of the series. I have enjoyed a lot of it and it’s been written well for the most part, but this is a 12 issue maxi-series that often feels like it could have been shortened. It’s a hard line to balance with any series: giving enough time to develop characters so readers can care, and also devote time to the world so people can get a greater understanding as to what’s happening. The balance is almost there, it’s just some of the plot devices can be shortened to improve the streamlining of the story. This issue was one of those where I felt like we didn’t need the majority of it. This is a shame, as when I come across an issue that feels like filler, it affects my overall thoughts about the book. If this series was between six and eight issues in total, I think it would have been framed better than it is now.

From the perspective of the artwork, it has been consistently at a high level. I do have my preferences. For anyone who has followed any of my other reviews, I really like landscapes and I especially like underwater scenes. So the start of this series was fantastic for me, as the underwater scenes were beautiful. When we got a drastic change to the other world, there was more skyline scenes—also very good—but the way the underwater was drawn, it was exceptional. I’m glad that we could be heading back towards that after quite a few issues of the other world.

Overall, this has been just another filler issue of what is still an enjoyable series, I do think we are now going to pick up the pace a little, judging by the end. With four more issues left of the series, I’m hoping for consistency now that we don’t get any more filler issues, and we can conclude the story on the high that we started with.

Deep Beyond issue 8 will be released by Image Comics on 15th September from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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