Deep Beyond #9 ADVANCE REVIEW: Nat is exposed as a traitor in the latest seabound issue.

Writers: Miaka Andolfo, David Goy, Artist: Andrea Broccardo, Colourist: Barbara Nosenzo.

Paul’s half-head is floating in space after Nat shot it with a portal gun. Luckily the crews alien friend was able to bring it back before permanent damage occurred. Now exposed, Nat fights before being interrupted by her mother, who finally reveals that she’s been pulling the strings all along, even down to sacrificing Pam's life. She wants Paul and the alien, but is she really to be trusted, and can the team make come up with a plan to rescue everyone, or will Eve have the upper hand as she always seems to do?

We are now just three issues away from the end, and finally we have the confrontation between the team and Eve that’s been in the cards for so long. Eve is finally showing how ruthless she is by explaining how she would happily sacrifice her daughter for her cause.

It’s strange that a lot happens in this issue yet when you think about it, not much has pushed forward. The writing by Miaka Andolfo and David Goy has been good throughout and continues to be of a high quality. Where there was so much world building in the first issue we are now seeing that pay off, even threads that were hinted at a few issues ago are now being explored. The one problem I did have with the writing was towards the end, where the team are stranded in the middle of nowhere. It’s spelled out for us that with no oxygen left in their tanks, then they could get infected by either the air or the water, or maybe even eaten by a monster. This was unnecessary, as for anyone who has been paying attention throughout, this we already knew, so didn’t need it explained so obviously.

When it comes to the art by Andrea Broccardo, it has been exquisite throughout the series. It was unfortunate that we left the sea environment around halfway through, though. As much as I love landscape panels, this series has some of the best water effects I’ve seen in a comic, and I’m delighted to finally be getting back to that. This is helped by the colours by Barbara Nosenzo, who manages to get the dark coldness of the deep ocean, yet always makes it seem so inviting too. Both are contributing to some of the best artwork around at the moment and I’m hoping we can keep getting beautiful images such as these.

Overall, this is a good issue in a series that has had its problems: with too much exposition in the beginning, where it felt like an overload of information, to essentially changing genres halfway through the series. There still feels like there’s a lot to be done over the three remaining issues and I’m concerned that this could lead to more exposition.

We still have something that I feel needs clearing up from the first issue. It was referenced here, but I’m not sure if we will get clarification. During the first issue, we saw a group of terrorists kill a room full of people. Here, Eve tells Paul that his friends can go back to being terrorists, but there was never an indication that they had anything to do with it. So either that kind of thing happens a lot, or it was mean to be a thread that hasn’t developed yet, which concerns me when it comes to exposition. However, I will still see this through to the end and hope that it ends well.

Deep Beyond #9 will be released by Image Comics on 13th October from your Local Comic Shop as well as Amazon


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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