Demon Slayer COMICS RETROSPECTIVE Index: Every sad backstory in one easy location!

Do you want a tale of a lone warrior, seemingly chosen by fate and lineage to battle the worst, most dangerous creatures the darkness has to offer? Then I recommend you check out Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

If you've already seen that, and want to read something similar, but with more really disgusting monsters, and less character development, then why not give smash hit Manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba a look?

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Demon Slayer Volume 1: Cruelty.

Tanjiro lives a peaceful life, making coal with his family, but fate has other plans. One day, while he's off in town, a wander demon attacks and kills most of his family, and only his little sister Nezuko survives.

This proves to be a life-changing event for all involved.

Tanjiro heads off to train as a Demon Slayer, and his sister spends most of her time sitting in a box. I hope she's comfortable, because she's going to be in there a lot.

Demon Slayer Volume 2: It Was You!

Tanjiro's life as a Demon Slayer begins! His first official mission seems simple enough... but it isn't. It isn't AT ALL.

Tanjiro comes face to face with Demon King and part-time Michael Jackson CosPlayer Muzan Kibutsuji!

Thankfully, Muzan doesn't just kill Tanjiro outright. That would be really anticlimactic, right?

He does cause a little chaos, though. And Tanjiro makes an interesting new friend. Keep an eye on her, she'll be important much later on!

Demon Slayer Volume 3: Believe In Yourself.

Tanjiro fights an arrow demon, and Nezuko fights a ball monster. It's pretty gripping stuff!

Also, this is our first mention of The Twelve Kizuki, which is a phrase I've typed roughly a billion times over the last 23 weeks!

Then, while on another slightly more difficult than they first assumed mission, Tanjiro and Nezuko are introduced to Zenitsu and Inosuke.

They're both good people, despite seeming like differing kinds of toolbag, on their first introduction.

Demon Slayer Volume 4: Robust Blade.

Tanjiro and Inosuke get off to a rough start, but it all calms down, eventually.

Then, our first major arc kicks off! Woo.

As the Demon Slayer Trio are sent to Mount Natagumo, to fight a seriously creepy family of Spider Demons.

This is when the real body horror stuff kicks off. It's also kind of when it peaks, which is a bit sad.

This volume is GROSS. Awesome, but gross.

Demon Slayer Volume 5: To Hell.

The fight with the Spider Family continues! With Inosuke getting his ass beat by Spider Dad, and Tanjiro not doing much better against a seriously creepy kid, it looks like this might be the end for them both!

Nah, just kidding. The Hashira arrive!

The Hashira are the elite of the Demon Slayer Corps, unrivaled sword fighters, who have mastered the secret art of Total Concentration Breathing.

It takes Tanjiro a few years to be as good as them! In Shonen terms, that's practically a lifetime.

Demon Slayer Volume 6: The Demon Slayer Corps Gathers.

A rare chance for Tanjiro to catch his breath. After the defeat of creepy Spider Family, Tanjiro heads to Demon Slayer HQ.

While there, he spends a while healing (he'll be doing that a lot) and then meets the rest of The Hashira. Each one quirkier and less useful than the one that proceeded them!

He also meets the head of the Demon Slayer Corps, who I honestly thought was going to be a bigger deal.

Demon Slayer Volume 7: Trading Blows At Close Range.

The second major arc begins! Tanjiro tries to find out more about Flame Breathing, so he asks the Flame Hashira. Simple task, right?

O-o-o-o-o-f course it isn't. Nothing is. Because the Flame Hashira is currently on a mission investigating the mysterious Infinity Train. So naturally, now Tanjiro and friends are as well.

We also get a brief tease toward the fact that the Demon Slayer Corps are not an officially recognised organisation, and aren't legally allowed to do what they do. This is never mentioned again.

Demon Slayer Volume 8: The Strength Of The Hashira.

The Infinity Train Arc reaches its tragic conclusion.

Just when things looked happily resolved, we're introduced to Akaza, the Upper 3 Kizuki and world class bellend.

He exchanges in a frank exchange of ideas with the Flame Hashira. I won't go into details, but suffice to say it doesn't end well for anyone we care about.

After that, they set up the next arc, because this train doesn't stop!

Sorry, had to get one last train joke in.

Demon Slayer Volume 9: Operation Entertainment District.

This is where you can tell, I start to get a little disillusioned with the series.

Tanjiro and friends head to the Entertainment District with the Sound Hashira, Tengen. Their mission is simple: Find Tengen's missing wives!

This involved them all dressing up like ladies, and trying to make it as Hosts. It goes pretty badly.

Because, in a shocking twist, one of the Twelve Kizuki arrives during the mission!

Demon Slayer Volume 10: Demon and Human.

Tanjiro's fight against Daki continues. Daki is the demon that was doing bad things in the Entertainment District.

This volume is where we first start to really learn about Sun Breathing. Honestly, I'd forgotten it was introduced this early.

Nezuko also shows off some pretty awesome abilities... but these are never mentioned again.

Demon Slayer Volume 11: A Close Fight.

The fight against Daki and her brother Gyutaro continues! There's a reason these two are a Kizuki, they're incredibly hard to kill.

Not THAT hard, because they do fall this volume... but man, they really make a meal of it. Takes a long time to get them down, maybe a little TOO long.

We then get another sad backstory, because this is still Demon Slayer, after all.

Demon Slayer Volume 12: The Upper Ranks Gather.

Tanjiro and friends managed to kill one of the Upper 6 Kizuki! A feat which hasn't been managed in over a century. Be proud!

Unlike the Kizuki, who are currently getting their ears chewed off by Muzan...

Meanwhile, Tanjiro continues his tradition of starting every new arc in hospital.

Once that's done, Tanjiro begins his journey to the mysterious Swordsmith Village! While he's there, he finds a sword inside a robot, like some kind of steampunk King Arthur. Damn... I would totally read a Steampunk King Arthur comic.

Demon Slayer Volume 13: Transitions.

So many demons, so little time. The Swordsmith Village is under attack, by TWO of the Upper 6 Kizuki.

The Upper 5, who is something of a pothead, is fighting the perpetually confused Mist Hashira.


The Upper 4, who is multiplying by the second, and is fighting... basically everyone else, and still winning.

If you thought Daki and Gyutaro was a tough fight, just wait until you see what these two monsters have lined up!

Demon Slayer Volume 14: The Mu Of Muichiro.

Meet Muichiro, The Mist Hashira. I would say more about him, but no one really knows anything more. Even himself.

Of course, by the end of this volume, that may not be the case.

Assuming, of course, that he's able to survive his battle against the Upper 5 Kizuki!

We then get some backstory for The Love Hashira, which I'm assuming is an ironic title, because writer/artist Gotouge seems to hate her.

Demon Slayer Volume 15: Daybreak And First Light.

The Upper 5 is gone, thanks to Muichiro... but the Upper 4 is very much still going, and in fact, is still multiplying. Gulp.

But, with dawn fast approaching, all they need to do is keep him out of cover, and the sunlight will do their job for them!

But, as Upper 4 explodes into fiery doom... events occur that drastically change everything, for everyone.

This is not going to end well...

Demon Slayer Volume 16: Indestructible.

Tanjiro begins his training with Gyomei Himejima, AKA the Stone Hashira, AKA the strongest member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

So, yeah. It's pretty hardcore; he is pushed right up to, and then beyond, his limits.

Then, shortly after training concludes, everything gets real, WAY too fast.

As Muzan casually shows up in Demon Slayer HQ, which then explodes.

Demon Slayer Volume 17: Successors.

Tanjiro and friends have fallen into Muzan Kibutsuji's Infinite Castle. Which seems to have some level of understanding, because it's just happened to pair up members of the Upper Twelve Kizuki with members of the Hashira that have grudges. Isn't that a fun coincidence!

This time around, Shinobu the Bug Hashira goes up against Doma, the Hat Kizuki.

As that find winds down, Zenitsu decides it's time to be badass, and claims a little vengeance of his own.

Then, Tanjiro finally gets his shot against the fearsome Akaza.

Demon Slayer Volume 18: Assaulted By Memories.

The fight versus Akaza continues! Tanjiro attempts to master more techniques gained from his memories, but Akaza doesn't seem to give a damn.

Meanwhile, Kanao attempts to put Doma down, once and for all! Things look a little grim, until Inosuke shows up!

Turns out—shocking twist—that Inosuke actually has something of a connection to Doma. Who'd have guessed.

Demon Slayer Volume 19: Flapping Butterfly Wings.

Kanao and Inosuke aren't doing too well against Doma. But, the long game begins to pay off, as Shinobu's plans go into effect! Awww, yeah.

Then, just when everything seems like it might be going the Corps' way... the Upper 1 Kizuki arrives on scene, and shows everyone just what it takes to be Number 1.

There's also some sad backstories, because why wouldn't there be?

Then, the Stone Hashira joins the fight, because when the enemies send out their big guns, you have to match it!