"Descendent #2": Hooded cult, conspiracy theories, kidnapped babies, and a super creepy-cool cover

Writer: Stephanie Phillips, Artist: Evgeniy Bornyakov, Colorist: Lauren Affe, Cover : Juan Doe

"Descendent #2" is our POP Cover Of The Week!

David Corey is a popular conspiracy theorist and vlogger caught up in a series of kidnappings. Young children of prominent politicians are being abducted, with a ransom note and a mysterious symbol left as a calling card; the same (real-life) symbol left at the scene of the abduction of the Lindbergh’s baby in 1932.

The FBI is investigating, including an agent who used to be married to David, and who isn’t happy to have to bring him in for questioning. The banter and tension between the exes is both uncomfortable and fascinating, like a car wreck you can’t help but look at.

We are privy to scenes of a hooded religious cult dedicated to seeking out and punishing evil. They claim ownership of the symbol, are keeping a close eye on David, and decide to silence him. Does the cover artist's choice to use the cult's symbol as the faces under their hoods—giving them a very alien-looking appearance—an indication of their true nature, and why they keep their faces hidden, even in the privacy of their own sanctum?

"Descendent #2" interior art by Evgeniy Bornyakov

Stephanie Phillips’ writes the most natural, non-comic-booky dialogue I have read in some time. It’s refreshing to see “panel people” talk like real people.

Russian Evgeniy Bornyakov’s art style is casual and attractive, moody when it needs to be, and whimsical during light humor moments. His background in animation and storyboarding shows in his deft and efficient panel layouts.

Juan Doe’s covers have been beautifully striking, graphically hard-edged designs in vibrant colors, in a style that is a whiplash contrast from the sketchy, organic-feeling interior art.

Between the sparse script and very few panels per page, the book reads a bit too quickly for my taste. However, the implications that the hooded cult has been around for a long time, and was also behind the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, and may have members in place within the FBI are interesting, and I for one am on board to see what happens next.


• the POP: Cover Of The Week!

• a callout to former FBI Director James Comey

Descendent is published by Aftershock Comics

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