Do not open the Cover Of The Week until December 18: "Project X-Mas #1"

Project Xmas #1, Image Comics, Cover by Uncredited.

This week’s POP Cover Of The Week is wrapped as a Christmas gift to Mark Millar fans (from Image and Netflix) who have been awaiting the sequel to “one of the most beloved Millarworld projects since the dawn of time.” What is it? Do not open until December 18, 2019.

The cover is a very convincing CGI plus stock photo recreation of a wrapped present, with a gift tag that gives no clue to its contents, but merely wishes us a very “Happy Christmas” in Millar’s very UK way. Perhaps a clue exists in how the comic is listed on comics sites; “Project X-Mas”? Not Christmas, but X-Mas. Hmm. Even the pattern of the wrapping paper is covered in X-shapes, with tiny snowflakes in the center of each X. The only other clue is that the artist of the interior story is Frank Quitely, whose previous collaborations with Millar are Jupiter’s Legacy and The Multiversity. If this is intended to be a sequel as announced, then the fact that Netflix has already given a series order for Jupiter’s Legacy will determine where I am laying my bet.

The simplicity and mystery of this colorful and festive POP Cover Of The Week is intriguing.

Project X-Mas #1 from Image Comics, is on sale December 18, 2019.

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