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Donny Cates hits another Home Run with "Silver Surfer: Black"

Silver Surfer: Black #1, Story/Script by Donny Cates, Story/Art by Tradd Moore, Colors by Dave Stewart

"Silver Surfer: Black #1" cover

Donny Cates continues to deliver an incredible connecting story with this week’s Silver Surfer: Black. Following directly off his hit series Thanos Legacy #1 and the new Guardians of the Galaxy series, Cates jumps right in and pulls you into the Surfer’s tale with all the intrigue and the philosophical morale the Sentinel of the Spaceways is known for. The Silver Surfer is at his best when he is presented as the deeply empathetic pacifist, and the juxtaposition of the immense powers he possesses with how and when he should use those powers. Should he end the lives of the beings around him? Or find another way to end the battle before him? On this line of his character’s moral grounds, the Surfer rides the rails of the cosmos.

Silver Surfer: Black holds true to his absolute nature. Donny Cates has really dived into the back history of this marvelous character, and continues to shine diamonds with his writing style, and respecting the creations and creators that have come before him. This series starts off right where you expected, yet definitely ends up in a completely different place than anyone could ever believe. Yet, of course, it all joins together beautifully in the Donny Cates “Connective Universe” that only he can masterfully weave throughout all these epic Marvel tales. This series is going to be highly popular and an absolute breath of fresh (vacuum-less space) air. I’m just loving where he is going with this character and this storyline. Donny Cates brings his wonderful character creations full-circle as an unexpected encounter graces the final page. Oh, the webs of imagination this Mr. Cates must have to foresee all the vast wonderfulness of story arcs he has laid before us all. I highly recommend to give this series an honest read. I’m not a betting man, yet I firmly believe Mr. Cates has something glorious up his sleeve with this epic series.


JULY 17, 2019

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