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A boy with the ability to foretell the manner of a person’s death joins with a traveling carnival that hides dark magic and even darker secrets.

Creative Team:

Neil Allen Moherman (Cog & Flame)

Walter Ostlie (Metalshark Bro, Shiver Bureau)

Chas! Pangburn (Strayed, Metalshark Bro)

The Story…

When Jarden’s traveling carnival touches down in a small town, he discovers a boy with the ability to foretell the manner of a person’s death. Jarden is fearful of the boy’s role in the prophecy of a Doomspeaker. After the boy’s father, the town sheriff, hangs a member of the carnival, Jarden destroys the town with dark magic and the boy joins the carnival so Jarden can keep an eye on him. Jarden’s carnival continues its journey with the sheriff following and killing any magical beings who get in his way. Along their travels it becomes evident the traveling carnival hides dark magic and even darker secrets. 


Walter Ostlie: "A weird carnival, a sinister prophecy, and magic. What else can you really ask for!" Chas Pangburn:  "Neil and Walter have crafted a serious tale about latent abilities, curiosities, prejudices, family, and (literal) "barking irons." Giddy-up and pre-order before this one's a goner. " 

Checkout the amazing trailer by clicking the image below!

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