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Eve tries to drag "Lucifer" back to the Garden in the latest episode

Rebounds are the worst for everyone involved. Especially if there are lingering doubts and feelings that go unanswered. When it comes to Lucifer, it’s always “go big, never go home”, so when the cliché love triangle rears its head again, there’s a certain amount of acting out that we expect from the Prince of Hell. There’s only one problem, we did this already. Well, not this specifically, but the triangle, to be sure. Last season it was the other way around, with Chloe and Cain mixing it up and our poor protagonist sitting on the sidelines. I suppose one of the real differences is that while Detective Chloe Decker really was hot and bothered for Cain, our boy Lucifer is under no such illusions. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, the misnamed Lord of Lies immediately knows there’s going to be trouble in paradise as Eve latches on to a serpent searching for the exit to this particular garden.

Cosplay roleplaying anyone?

While the week's homicide case starts with Vintage Cars, which I personally know next to nothing about, it’s done very quickly with that aspect of the episode, and quickly devolves into what the case usually represents: a thinly veiled allegory for the relationships of the characters of the program. I know I’ve pointed this out before, but I really don’t see an issue with it. Not many people watch Lucifer for the police procedural part of the show. The pitch may have been “Law & Order but with the Devil”, but it’s moved far past that now, with most of us really just waiting for the interactions between characters. Well, that and quippy one-liners from Lucifer. Having said that, this case was particularly interesting, and had quite a few unexpected moves, making it more exciting than the usual detective work.

Both Lucifer and Chloe are looking for something more than a suspect, however, as they both feel that closure is required now that Eve is a part of equation. Such closure isn’t the same for them though. The Detective believes this has to do with their almost-relations from last season that have followed them into the next, that Lucifer’s interest will move back to her. That he’ll bring his attention her way again, and things will go back to normal. Lucifer wants to move on, to his credit, in the hopes that he can feel something more for Eve. As usual, he’s looking for the easy fix, thinking that one last case will get all the "Chloe" out of his system after, incorrectly, latching onto something that Linda mentioned in their session. Due to this, Lucifer tries to hit all the marks from the show. It’s a bit meta how he goes about it and I, personally, really go in for meta these days.

The case doesn’t go nearly as planned, but, I suppose, that should be expected. As Lucifer was pushing so hard to make it like a “normal case” and the nature of the episode, there just had to be more twists and turns than any case should reasonably have. One of the aspects that I missed this time was Linda and Amenadiel's baby that’s coming. Sure, there are a few mentions here and there, there isn’t much of a B-story this time. Every character is pretty much working toward the same goals. Even Eve, who doesn’t seem to want much in this world except Lucifer.

Speaking of Eve, as much as we’re all rooting for Chloe, I can’t help but feel bad for her. Not just because of what she went through before, but what she’s going through now. It’s so obvious that she loves Lucifer, but he’s equally committed to holding her at arm’s length. She’s likeable, she’s fun, she’s loyal, and, if we fans have our way, she’s going to be heartbroken. Her acceptance of not just Lucifer, but everyone else in his life, is not just commendable, it’s almost saint-like. Eve’s the kind of person that would be great to hang out with. She does an AMAZING Eve Cosplay.

Many times in life, things just don’t go the way we want. Sometimes it’s the relationships we have, or maybe the ones we want. Maybe we give to a person that is undeserving of our affection or love. Regardless, when things spin, inevitably, off the axis, it’s important to hang on to those that keep us grounded. It’s all too simple to jump head first into a place that we really didn’t consider first, and when that happens, it’s easy to be dragged back down to the dark depths even while it seems we’re floating towards the sky.

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