"Event Leviathan #5" continues to be a non-Event build-up to a final issue Big Reveal

Writing by Michael Bendis, Art, Colors & Cover by Alex Maleev, Letters by Josh Reed.

Don't let this Alex Maleev cover fool you; Leviathan is not unmasked in this issue!

In issue #1, Lois Lane and Batman assembled a team of the world’s greatest detectives to discover/uncover the identity of Leviathan. The four-issue build-up has been overly long and not all that interesting. Lots of suspects, but lots of dead ends and red herrings. So far, Event Leviathan has been a non-Event. Even Lois was getting so frustrated, she created a second group of investigators who can look at things from a different perspective, a real motley crew including one that makes you think WTF are they doing here: Zatanna, Deathstroke (?!), Elongated Man, Harvey Bullock, John Constantine, and The Question.

Love that Bendis dialogue and humor.

The Big Reveal was promised to readers in this issue, according to solicits. It will upset anyone who continues to spend their cash on this series, but that front cover that teases Leviathan removing their mask?…it just…doesn’t….happen. This issue is another big red herring, spending most of the issue leading us to believe that Leviathan is actually someone known by everyone on both investigative teams, and then yanking yet another rug out from under our feet. Call it false advertising or call it just plain B.S., but we are put off once again until the next issue, the final issue in the miniseries.

There is another showdown between Superman and Leviathan, this time with Leviathan seeming like a totally different person, being all calm and reasonable and very convincing that burning the world down and starting over might actually be a good idea.

Is this the same Leviathan we have seen before? He/she/it sounds/acts different.

The final few pages do reveal major clues about who/what Leviathan is and his/her/their history in the DCU (my issue #1 review prediction is looking pretty good right about now). We also get the unexpected return of a character we had been lead to believe we would never see again. We should have known better...as we well know in comic books, no one stays dead for long anymore.

Event Leviathan #5 from DC Comics is on sale Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

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