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Everything you need to know to catch up on still-fun "iZombie" and enjoy its final season on CW

There’s a lot to be said about a show’s monster in a show about monsters. How bad does one have to be to have that epitaph in a town where thousands of brain eating zombies call home? The answer is “Pretty freaking bad,” as in this episode (Episode 6, "The Scratchmaker"), all the dominos for Blaine come falling.

Blaine (David Anders) is still the biggest monster on "iZombie"

As one of the most consistently interesting characters on the show, Blaine has been both the antagonist, the love interest, the good guy, and literally the worst. Worst what? Everything. When the lead up to the article about him started, I’ll say I wasn’t expecting for him to get in any sort of trouble. Filmore Graves is the law and they need him to help feed the population. My expectations where shattered because this episode begins with a jailed Blaine.

If you’ve been following the show from the beginning, the idea of Blaine being a terrible person isn’t news. He killed teenagers for brains at one point. They even harken back to that time, from the first season, with a protest outside of his business, "The Scratching Post". The fact that the story about him is going so far back is kind of treat for those of us who have stuck with the show. Especially now that we’ve learned that it’s in its final season. There’s not a lot of places the show could go, at this point, but the punishment of its most endearing monster is something that needs to happen. If he gets what he deserves is another question altogether.

The forensics case for this episode is one of a murdered matchmaker that we caught a glimpse of, with Donny in the bar, is mostly on the periphery as, honestly, everything else around it is far more interesting. From the tight camera work that almost resembles the movement of the eye on the comic page, to the narration by the monster himself, the dead victim is the B-side in this one. Which is uncommon in the show. Usually, the case is what takes center stage, however, the character driven episodes are far more fun than the standard hum-drum.

Liv (Rose McIver) is still the cutest. zombie. ever.

Another side issue that’s been ongoing is both the Humanist movement and the brains, or lack thereof. Dolly, being at the head of the anti-Zombie, pro-Human terrorist group, is of course attempting to rally the troops of both sides to the streets in an effort to maximize the violence against zombies that’s become a staple of the season. Another staple is the ever-present lack of brains in the city of Seattle since it’s being walled off from the rest of the USA. It’s been an ongoing issue, but had come to a nice equilibrium under Blaine, which is now threatened with his new status. With all the chaos that’s about to explode, Major Lilywhite is still trying to play it cool, but whether his tactics will be better than his predecessor remains to be seen. Still, he may just have an ace, or two, in the hole.

With the show coming to an end, I can see why they needed the writing in this one. There are so many loose ends, that there needed to be more time devoted to clearing them up. My hope is that, with the knowledge of the cancellation, the writers will be able to tie it all together in a satisfying bow, especially story arcs that have been brewing since the very first season. While the series has only been nominally tied to the DC/Vertigo comic it is inspired by and named after— one which it far outlasted— it’s been a fun ride. One that I’m willing to take for the remainder of the series. I recommend doing the same, so, whether you’re keeping up, like me, or coming back, check out iZombie every Thursday on the CW, because very soon we’re going to all need to raise our glass of Max Rager in a toast to the end of a great show.

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