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Falling At The Last Hurdle In Locke & Key Episode 10.

Locke & Key Episode 10. All Episodes Available Now On Netflix. But Don't Bother.

Locke & Key based on the graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez.

There are two episodes, in any series, that a show HAS to nail. It has to get at least one, preferably both right, or it's in serious trouble.

Those episodes are the premier, and the finalé, the first and last, the Alpha and the Omega. It doesn't actually matter how good the rest of the season is, as long as it's not so bad, that it makes people switch off.

As long as you ace the first episode, you've bought yourself at least two or three more episodes of goodwill, from the viewers. If you can set up a solid premise, and lay a good groundwork, people will stick around.

Then, if you finish on a high and give the people a killer final episode, you'll ensure that they're thinking about your show long after it's finished airing, and they will be there, when your next season starts.

It's that simple.

And yet, Locke & Key still got it totally, utterly wrong. They gave us a weak first episode, filled with annoying characters, and capped the season off with... Nothing.

Just, NOTHING. I wouldn't mind if they'd done something stupid, or pulled something crazy out of nowhere to shock us. At least that would have been memorable.

Instead, we got nothing. The big cliffhanger from last week is resolved in the first ten minutes. We then get half an hour of the most boring, pointless filler I've ever sat through. They cap the episode, and the season, off with five minutes of half-hearted and hilariously predictable "set up" for next season that was SO weak, I honestly think they would have been better to cut it out and just end after one season.

Being bad never looked this good.

I'd love to go into detail about everything this episode did wrong... but for that, this episode would actually have had to DO something. So I'm afraid there's actually very little to say here. Which, considering this is the final episode of the first season, is just about the worst possible thing I could have to say.

Overall, Locke & Key season 1 is the poster child for wasted potential. It's a very strong concept and there is a huge amount they could do with it, which makes it all the more painful that they chose to do so little. Sound off in the comments or on our Facebook page: are the graphic novels any better? Did Netflix ruin the potential of the series, or is this really how Joe chose to end his first arc? Because someone here needs to own up to this catastrophe. Even a brief cameo from Joe himself wasn't enough to save this episode, and usually I'm a sucker for a fun cameo.

I would say see you back here later, for my season 2 reviews. But honestly, I doubt I'll watch it...

In the back of the Ambulance is my interest in the show. They couldn't save it.

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