Hard Case Crime from Max Allan Collins, Manga from celebrated artist Eldo Yoshimizu, the next installment of Tyler Cross from Fabien Nury and much more!

Here at Titan we love Crime – hard-boiled noir thrillers, expansions of beloved universes and brand-new cases with new detectives and villains. Here is a round-up of our best crime titles between now and the end of the year.

We've included review PDFs (which are for your eyes only!) and interior art for you to use straight away on your media outlet. The creatives are also available for interview - please get in touch if you would be interested in discussing this further. 

Tyler Cross: Angola Author: Fabien Nury Imprint: Hard Case Crime Out Now!

What seemed like a risk-free gig turns into a fast-track to Hell for Tyler Cross. A hell called "Angola," the biggest high-security prison in the United States — If Tyler ever manages to get out, it sure won't be for good conduct. 

"As intricately woven as the first installment, this brutal, cool series remains recommended reading for crime thriller enthusiasts" - Publisher's Weekly


Author: Duane Swierczynski  Imprint: Hard Case Crime Out Now!

A mild-mannered consultant is reluctantly forced into a race against the clock as he attempts to thwart a terrorist plot, in this gritty, countdown crime thriller set in modern-day Philadelphia.

During an angry confrontation at two-bit motel, Joe Hayward is thrown headfirst into the middle of a frightening terrorist plot to bring Philadelphia to its knees. With only two hours to thwart the attack, Joe is going to need all the help he can get... including that of his wife's paramour!

Ryuko By Eldo Yoshimizu Imprint: Hard Case Crime Out: July 9, 2019

Ryuko is a high ranking member of the Japanese mafia stationed in the Middle-East. After a fierce battle with the government, she becomes embroiled with the Chinese and an unknown terrorist organization. Everyone has their own agenda, but it becomes personal for Ryuko when her mother is kidnapped and she is forced to kill her father.  Ryuko has a choice to make, but it's tough when good and evil appear to be two sides of the same coin...

Ms. Tree: One Mean Mother

Author: Max Allan Collins Imprint: Hard Case Crime Out: August 27, 2019

A thrilling ride through the case books of Ms Tree, private detective!

From the minds of author Max Allen Collins and artist Terry Beatty, comes the first collection of 5 classic Ms. Tree stories. Join Michael Tree, the 6ft tall, 9mm carrying private detective on her thrilling adventures. No case is too small, no violence too extreme, just as long as it gets the job done!

Out Later This Year:

Rivers of London Vol 7: Action At A Distance

Out: November 12, 2019 Authors: Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel

October, 1957. A serial killer terrorising the women of Cumbria has moved to the streets of London, with Constable Angus Strallen hot on his heels. But this murderer has special abilities, and Strallen soon realises he needs the help of an old friend from the front lines who can match this madman's power - London's own wizarding police officer, Thomas Nightingale.

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