"Farmhand" continues to spread its roots in the Image repertoire as one of the company's best titles

By Rob Guillroy (Creator, Writer, Artist), Taylor Wells (Colors), and Kody Chamberlain (Letters and Logo)

"Farmhand #9" Cover Art by Rob Guillroy

Farmhand has been consistently entertaining since issue #1; a happy surprise from Rob Guillroy of Chew (2009) fame. At its ninth issue, the series doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

In this issue, many pieces of the puzzle that Guillroy has been laying out begin to come together. Jedidiah is left in a coma-like state from an attack by a "transplant" (someone who's been treated with his special powers vis a vis a new organ.) More and more "transplants" are showing up in Freetown with problems stemming from new organs they've received from Jedidah. But these problems aren't just medical; there's something almost magical about them. And all of it may relate to Mayor Thorne! Zeke and Andy have to work on a plan to save their father's and their reputation as it looks like all hell may break loose.

Guillroy has poured himself into this book, quite literally (Zeke is a spitting image of the writer/artist.) I am a huge Chew fan, so as soon as I found out its artist was going to be doing a solo project, I signed on. So far it's not disappointed. This issue is rife with family drama, sinister plots, and pulse-pounding story. Guillroy is a master of his craft. Not many artists write, and I imagine to put to words what you envision and eventually put on the page in images is satisfying. It definitely shows with his work. The plot centers around Jed's magical seed, but the parts of the story where Guillroy shines involve family dynamics, both between Zeke and his father and sister, and his wife and kids. This issue delves deeper into those family dynamics, with doubt, love, and frustration permeating.

The coloring is more than complementary, helping each character, and each scene to jump off the page. The transplants have a certain glow about them, and Wells brings that light right to the reader's retinas! The lettering is fun and moves the story along; the logo is one of my favorites of any comic on the stands.

We're deep in the thick of it now, right there with the main players. I can't wait until next issue.

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