"Fire Power #3" is a fresh hit for Robert Kirkman & Chris Samnee

Creator/Writer: Robert Kirkman, Creator/Artist: Chris Samnee, Colorist: Matt Wilson, Letterer: Rus Wooten, and Editor: Sean Mackiewicz.

Cover art by Chris Samnee

Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee are moving right along with Fire Power as the third issue of the series hit stands this week. A significant amount of time, fifteen years to be exact, has passed since we first met Owen Johnson. A young man scouring the planet in search of the truth about his parents, Owen arrived at the Temple of the Flaming Fist after years of training at other temples. Here, he met Master Wei Lun, the impish monk with a taste for AIR Jordan 1s. Under Wei Lun's tutelage, Owen was able to ignite the fire from within during a raid at the temple by the villainous Scorched Earth Clan, by unleashing the first fireball seen in a thousand years. This put a stop to the clan for a while, but that didn't mean the temple remained clear of its own issues from within.

Interior art by Chris Samnee

In the present, Owen is a family man with a powerful wife on the police force, and two pre-teen children with active social lives. His wife knows all about Owen's past, which is great so as to avoid the whole "why would you keep such a secret from me" story trope. This truly helps to move the story right along with a very fast pace. From #1 to #3, these three issues span across 24 hours. It comes as no surprise when Owen's past comes calling for him to return to the temple, but our hero adamantly refuses. A terrible event involving his long-ago love, Ling Zan, took place that won't allow for him to return. The bad actors of that incident remain unknown and at large. Still, Owen refuses to be dragged back into the mess of it all. Ultimately, he will have no choice as these stories tend to go. Creator and writer Robert Kirkman makes sure to leave us with many unanswered questions that will be worth our while to journey through to the truth.

Interior art by Chris Samnee

Fire Power is a turning out to be a great series. Kirkman and Samnee made a great decision in encompassing Owen's past into one prelude book, as it truly saves the reader from having to go through that hero's journey over months to get to where we are by 2021. The story is really picking up in the best of ways. All of the characters have a personality and attitude all their own, even Owen's children. Focusing on the visuals, colorist Matt Wilson was a great choice for this series. The way he brings to life Owen's relationship with Ling Zan in pink hues is beautiful. You can feel how much he misses her and their time together after over a decade. Wilson works with a great array of a color palette to liven up even the most mundane of panels. Though, the action sequences are where he is truly in his element. The next issue is sure to be fantastic, but you should catch up now with this series if you haven't already. It is worth every moment of your time.

Fire Power #3 is published by Image Comics and is available now at your local comic shop, or online at comixology.

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