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Ghosts Stage Suicide Intervention Over Prospects Of Having Another Roommate. DEADFELLOWS Is Coming!


After a brutal breakup, lonesome Pete Miller moves into an apartment with express intent to kill himself, until he's stopped by a group of ghosts that already haunt the place and don't want another spectral roommate.


Pete Miller has just gotten out of his two-year relationship, reeling without friends or family around. As he moves into his overpriced and undersized one-bedroom apartment, Pete attempts to take his own life but is stopped by a benevolent ghost. Moved by the kindness of this supernatural stranger, Pete sets out to bond with this spectral assemblage at all costs—but he quickly learns he doesn't understand the paranormal or these ghosts' intentions. When Pete refuses to leave his new home at the demand of the current inhabitants, the question becomes - Who is haunting who?


Writer – Kody Hamilton Artist – Ramiro Borallo Editor – Andrea Lorenzo Molinari DEADFELLOWS was a winner from Script2Comics contest!


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