"Gideon Falls #19"- Silence is Golden

Writer: Jeff Lemire, Art: Andrea Sorrentino & Dave Stewart, Variant Cover Art: Fabio Moon

Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino once again continues to entertain with steady buildup towards what can only be an epic encounter that is likely to occur at the end of the coming arc.

Lemire effortlessly takes us on a trip with all of our different groups of characters through their respective places in time and space, but one pair in particular stood out far above the rest.

I was particularly entranced by the journey that took place with Father Fred and Dr. Xu.

While it may have only spanned a few pages, we get a great deal of detail about Dr. Xu without all the noise of too much imagery, aside from silhouettes on a grayscale background. This setup helps to focus on the characters' dialogue explicitly to create the calm that Father Fred intends to bestow upon Dr. Xu.

Moving on rather quickly once they finish their character exposition we return to the setting where the empty space and lack of detail helps to emphasize the growing noise of impending doom, as the page begins to swap the gray for a bloody, suffocating red.

Following up we get a sudden scene change where our duo gets thrown onto what seems like an island, as a sea of black surrounds them and again, the empty space is used swimmingly in order to accentuate the growing horror that is surrounding our pair in their new, more detailed surroundings.

The rest of the story displays a sense of urgency, as our characters are on the hunt for an on-the-loose Norton Sinclair. The different ways that they go about hunting however are what make this issue such a fun follow up to last month's Gideon Falls installment.

Gideon Falls #19 is available in comic shops 12/11/19, so be sure to have it on your pull list. I'm partial to the Fabio Moon B Cover that features the arc's titular "Pentoculus"- the machine that's been causing all the mayhem for the cast and crew.

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