Glenn Fabry's realistic portraits finish Preacher's run in the Retro Covers Of The Week from 2000.

Preacher #59-65, 2000, Vertigo/DC Comics, Covers by Glenn Fabry.

The POP Retro Cover Of The Week continues its examination and celebration of iconic comic covers from the 1960s through the 2000s, this week returning to the Aughts. when the end of one of Vertigo’s most creative and controversial 1990s series came to an end with a series of beautiful character portraits of its main characters. Each is as impressive as the next, so rather than choosing one to feature, all are being featured!

Preacher was writer Garth Ennis’ edgy, violent, and sacrilegious (there’s your controversy) saga that examined religious and social issues. Main character Jesse Custer received the heavenly power to make anyone do what he told them to do, with his “voice of God.”

Fellow main characters included his on-again, on-again girlfriend Tulip, an Irish vampire named Cassidy, the Saint of Killers, Herr Starr, and Arseface.

When the final story arc of the comic’s run approached, it was decided to feature all the main characters one final time, with highly-detailed, realistic portraits by cover artist Glenn Fabry.

Accompanying each portrait was a scene at the bottom of the cover that gave context to the character’s identity and storyline.

The simplicity of design and composition would have been perfect, if not for the dreaded UPC code box, bollixing it up every time.

These Retro Covers Of The Week were a fitting end to a very different Vertigo hit. Nearly two decades later, Preacher would be made into an equally violent and controversial tv series on AMC.

Next week: The Retro Cover Of The Week starts the “cover from each decade” cycle again, traveling back to the 1960s!

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