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Grab "Hashtag: Danger #2" for hilarious high jinks, adventure, and lots of drama

Hashtag: Danger by Tom Peyer (Writer) and Chris Giarrusso (Art) is back with its sophomore issue, from Ahoy Comics.

"Hashtag: Danger" Issue 2 Cover Art by Richard Williams

The gang of adventurers (Desi Danger, Sugar Rae Huang, and Einstein Armstrong) pick up where they left off last issue: unveiling the baby yeti they captured! From there, the team gets into some pretty hilarious high jinks involving a killer bird, super-villains, and lots of internal drama. As with the introductory issue, Peyer makes sure to include a human side to our "super" heroes, almost a throwback to the early days of Marvel and the Fantastic Four: the human side of the extraordinary creatures. With funny jabs, witty humor, and some outlandish escapades, the team dynamic plays out both like a family sit-com, and a superhero team the likes of Batman and his ilk.

Again, Peyer's writing is on point, with just the right amount of dialogue to set the scene, while Giarrusso works his magic to paint the picture. A bit more outlandish in terms of storytelling this time around, the story feels a little more forced. That doesn't take away from its impact, as it's still a blast to read. And, again, Giarrusso knocks it out of the park with his Kirby-meets-anime-with-a-dab-of -Pop-Art style. I've still not seen anything quite like his work on the stands, and I've read books from almost every publisher you can think of.

If you like science fiction, adventure, comedic superhero stories, and art that will make you want to do a second read-through, pick up Hashtag: Danger already, before everyone catches on to how great it is, and you can't get your hands on a copy!

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