"Guardians of the Galaxy #7" will make a believer out of you - whether you want it to or not!

Writer: Donny Cates, Art: Cory Smith, Colours: David Curiel, Letters: Cory Petit

"Guardians of the Galaxy #7" cover art by David Marquez & Dean White

The "Universal Church of Truth" are back.

The group of galactic religious extremists, who once worshipped Adam Warlock's evil shade "Magnus", and used the faith of their followers as fuel to power their colossal ships and weapons, have returned.

Whatever you thought you knew about them though, forget it, because the game has changed in a big way. This Church has come from the future, their engines aren't powered by faith anymore — they are powered by life — and in a knockout opening few pages to Guardians of the Galaxy #7, they've just added the essences of the galaxies first and best line of defence to the wood pile!

Yes, the Universal Church of Truth are back — and they're going to make a believer out of you whether you like it or not!

Away from the front lines, Peter Quill and Gamora are wasting no time doing a lot of catching up of the amorous kind, which is a necessity when you work in an occupation where you die a lot. Their convalescence is ruined however, when they are made aware of the encroaching threat by another high-profile victim that is much closer to home for Pete, and whose final words to him are "You have to run!"

Not having been told in which direction to run of course, Pete being Pete does the absolute least sensible thing possible and instantly orders the rest of his crew to prepare their new ship — the charmingly named Bowie — to head as fast as they can towards the danger. They don't argue, because they know that if the shoe was on the other foot that he would do exactly the same for them.

Arriving at the location of the Church's Citadel, the gang immediately teleport into the belly of the beast, where things very quickly go from bad to cataclysmic, and as Peter finds himself as the last Guardian standing he is confronted with the even more terrible truth that, as gruesome as the Church and their methods are, they are here to save the galaxy from something even worse, and will consume as many life forces as is necessary to accomplish that.

Later, with the rest of the team missing in action, Moondragon and Groot try to seek out help where ever they can find it. That help has a familiar face, and in a shocking final page you'll see exactly why he has nothing to fear from going up against an end-of-the-universe death cult!

Donny Cates' first arc on Guardians of the Galaxy was probably one of the best Guardians stories in years, as well as arguably being one of the best opening arcs of any series in the last year or so, so it was difficult to see how he might top that in his second arc. With Guardians of the Galaxy #7 however, Cates, ably assisted by Cory Smith's ability to build an exciting and suspenseful cinematic comic book scene, needs precisely seven pages to take the stakes and dial them up to 11, giving us an issue that will make your head spin and leave you desperate for more!

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